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  1. Well thats best bios u can use (if i dont count NDA ones)
  2. Use kingpin bios for bigger power limit. I cant share my NDA
  3. Galax NVVDD wont work with Lightning and you need custom Afterburner for voltage tweaking which even I dont have.
  4. A thread dedicated to Discussion, Problems, News and OC stuff around MSI RTX 2080 Ti Lightning. Will be updated constantly.// Info about MSI RTX 2080 Ti Lightning // - Uses custom PCB (3x 8Pin), basically reference but with digital ICs : 8-Phase MP2888 and MP2884. Can handle up to 700A on LN2- Samsung GDDR6 instead of Micron, clocks better with also improved timings (depends on used BIOS)- Beefy cooling solution, though I recommend using watercooling as Turing full boost is under 60C.- Stock LN2 bios allows voltage change for vMem (memory voltage) and AUXs voltages (PLLs) those two are not necessary unless on LN2.- Max power limit is set to 380W with 108% set in Afterburner its 400W max, NDA LN2 bios is fully unlocked with up to 1000W power limit. Also Core Voltage is unlocked (Custom Afterburner (ABX) needed!!!)OC Guide :(Will be updated as soon as I gather enough info and experience on cold)Issues :MSI card somehow is scanning everything on PCB, checking for "dead" voltages or malfunctions and if it detects something like an unplugged fan (my case because I'm on waterblock) it goes into safe mode.Please use this BIOS to fix this : https://www.dropbox.com/s/8s0vewi7gg...RF_Ln2.7z?dl=0Few words from me :1) If u want higher power limit or LN2 NDA bios with ABX don't bother unless you're LN2 overclocker, it's extremely hard to get hold of this, also u will need Guide from MSI for HW mods which are needed in order to unlock card.2) There is a work-around for power limit, you will need to flash BIOS with high-power limit - Galax OC Lab 2000W works fine with card, Core voltage is up to 1.2V.-- If you want to ask or discuss, please comment below this thread, thanks for reading and lets all have fun with this card ! --
  5. Which bios version ? can u copy from gpu I know, thats my thread just different nickname
  6. i need nvvdd for 2080ti oc lab, is there a public one ?
  7. If u mean XTREME TUNER PLUS thats consumer bullshit, for proper control of galax OC lab card (with OC lab NDA bios) you need Galax NVVDD tool, clearly u dont know what youre talkin about.
  8. Lightning card + OC Lab bios is best combination I speak from experience
  9. You dont need to buy Galax card, bios is already uploaded on techpowerup.
  10. You mean regular galax bios or OC Lab one ? I think regular has only 380W
  11. Yep, right now im having hard time getting abx+ln2 bios and i have several scores on LN2. I can say for sure u cant get any support. If u want to bench on water flash Asus XOC bios, works good on my lightning.
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