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  1. Hello guys,Just trying some things, Ive managed to fix my card somewhat, its not downclocking or randomly undervolting to 987mv anymore. During TimeSpy run its holding fullboost as long as youre under 60C, so 2000mhz+ and 1.1Vcore. Performance also went up for me, same settings I gained 10fps on TimeSpy from this 2x8pin bios vs evga normal or XOC bios which are power throttling.U have to flash this bios : Gigabyte RTX 3090 VBIOS (recommended for max perf) OR EVGA RTX 3090 VBIOS (With XC3 bios u will loose some perf but get full Precision X support)its 2x8pin bios so it wont read third 8pin correctly (thus allowing for higher PL) and allow gpu to not do stupid auto downclocking/undervolting.GPU-Z will be totally bugged and showing craps so dont trust it !!! (300w board consumption, 60W chip, 9.9v on pcie etc other craps which are false)
  2. Condition is as you can see on the pictures. Special custom MSI 2080Ti Lightning, modified PCB with shunt mod. Card has flashed MSI secret 1000W (in theory no power limit) bios only few people have as far as I know. Card has unlocked voltage control (up to 2Vcore) with MSI AfterBurner Extreme which I will include. Prepared for liquid nitrogen but was never used on it due to financial reasons. Card was only used on watercooling. Comes with original cooler, oled panel doesnt work and with original box that isnt complete. Being modified card this card doesnt have warranty anymore. Price : 1300E + shipping
  3. I dont think the NDA is finished, u should probably give up about trying to get abx
  4. there are like 2 versions of abx for 2080Ti but only for XOCers chosen by MSI.
  5. Sorry bro no chance, its very hard to get it even if u are in extreme oc league etc.
  6. Ive had 3600 just for few days, run it on ln2 and sold it, didnt want to bother to make clean win7 instal with impact drivers, dont take it as insult your effi is good shame u couldnt maxed out core and fclk
  7. TBH its not that good score, If I used win 7 i would probably get better one. youre not even running 1900 fclk etc, effi is good but youre not maxed out.
  8. technically its still reportable youre placing tabs on rendered area, thanks btw, you guys did a lot better than me to be honest
  9. As I mentioned its only for MP2888A based RTX Lightning which u dont have, no i cant provide voltage support for FE card
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