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  1. Ive had 3600 just for few days, run it on ln2 and sold it, didnt want to bother to make clean win7 instal with impact drivers, dont take it as insult your effi is good shame u couldnt maxed out core and fclk
  2. TBH its not that good score, If I used win 7 i would probably get better one. youre not even running 1900 fclk etc, effi is good but youre not maxed out.
  3. technically its still reportable youre placing tabs on rendered area, thanks btw, you guys did a lot better than me to be honest
  4. As I mentioned its only for MP2888A based RTX Lightning which u dont have, no i cant provide voltage support for FE card
  5. U salty af, why even bother, its just a competition between us, overclockers...
  6. Your card is probably newer one, the firmware on your card is too "new" for this bios so bad luck for u, u cant use galax bios.
  7. EXPERIMENTAL! The purpose of this is testing and experimentation only.Also, ensure you have proper cooling (chiller or good water-cooling or even subzero)Desc: This "mod" will unlock voltage control on MP2888A based card with digital voltage: 2080Ti Lightning. Core voltage will be unlocked also power limit, so be very careful what you're doing, I haven't tested this on retail card, my Lightning has NDA hardmods so test this yourself properly with caution.STEPS :1) Download XOC Pack that is here in attachments.2) Flash bios "kp.rom" to your card ("kp.rom" bios is Kingpin XOC bios with no overcurrent, overvoltage and overheating protection, be aware ! Fans are spinning 100% all the time for safety)3) After flashing bios and restarting PC, place file "MSIAfterburner.oem2" into your MSI Afterburner folder on your hard disk (C:\Program Files (x86)\MSI Afterburner).4 ) Go to your Afterburner settings and set "Unlock voltage control" to "third party". Other settings are in the screenshot in attachments.5) Restart afterburner and enjoy voltage control, however, please check your temps and voltage through probes placed on side of the card with a multimeter, the +mv value is not correct, u have to try how much it adds actually.PLEASE: after doing this let me know how to mod works because I didn't test it on retail cards yet, thanks and enjoy. XOC Pack.zip
  8. Night bench session with few litres of LN2 :P First time ocing ryzen
  9. Well thats best bios u can use (if i dont count NDA ones)
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