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  1. Core unlocking = OK Core disabling = Not OK ...at least that's the way it's always been.
  2. Yes, Socket F is what I had in mind. Thanks! edit - oh, and one more question, sorry - for the purpose of this stage, do AM2 and AM2+ count as 2 sockets?
  3. Hello my friends - nice to "see" you all again! Question about Stage 12 MathBenchmark... are MP server sockets allowed as long as they use desktop DDR2?
  4. I understand it's not required by the rules. But the presence of German rig pics in every other stage makes it look suspicious. And I'm sure Germany would love to avoid any suspicion.
  5. I just wanted to pop in and make note of the fact that Germany doesn't have any rig pics for Stage 10. Meanwhile, they have rig pics for literally every other stage. Now I'm not accusing anyone of anything here, just wanted to suggest that Germany might want to upload a rig pic or two for Stage 10 to avoid any potential questions later. Cheers!
  6. What about mobile chips in mobile sockets on desktop boards? Along the lines of an Aopen i975Xa-YDG, for example?
  7. And everywhere else for that matter. Speaking only for myself, I know I sure learned a heckuva lot from observing havli at work over the years.
  8. Rule of thumb is that Xeons aren't allowed unless explicitly stated. May I humbly request you put "Xeons allowed" into the rules for Stage 7: https://hwbot.org/competition/CountryCup2019/stage/4805_y-cruncher_-_pi-1b_-_per_socket_-_6_scores Thanks!
  9. If you're gonna go rogue, @Matsglobetrotter, just remember what Greta said:
  10. I kinda feel like 16 stages is too many. CC shouldn't be the TC Pt. 2.
  11. This is a valuable resource for comps: https://benchmarks.ul.com/support/approved-drivers
  12. Love the idea of reprising one stage from each previous year. Don't love the dogpile for CC. For TC it's fine - but I'd rather be able to spend a little more time on each score and have time to go cold on each than just dumping ambient score after ambient score into the comp just to cover enough ground.
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