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  1. Very nice! You should run Time Spy with this rig for the Country Cup!
  2. Feedback for deaf ears: rules re: mainboard tab and sensors tab are just good ol' fashioned retarded. Finally managed to fit it all in my window. Good luck to mods trying to make sure my competition wallpaper is compliant.
  3. Beauty - that worked! Thanks a bunch cbjaust!
  4. Looks like I'm missing something. Admittedly, I haven't been keeping up with HWBOT rules very well lately. Anybody know what I'm doing wrong here? http://hwbot.org/submission/3990096_ Thx!
  5. Nothing to change, Strunkenbold. Reported score is quite clearly the actual value.
  6. Nothing to change, Strunkenbold. Reported score is quite clearly the actual value.
  7. Ugh. Thanks man. Any other new rules I should know about before I try again? (For the record, this is exactly why competitive overclocking will never be "a thing.")
  8. Did this with an AMD Phenom II X2 555BE with the 3rd core enabled. Tried manually editing the submission after uploading it, but that didn't work either. Here it is: http://hwbot.org/submission/3732439_ edit - In fact, doesn't look like I'm able to edit any of my submissions that use a datafile upload to reflect the 3rd core being active. Same problem is happening with HWBOT Prime now. http://hwbot.org/submission/3732444_ And... ditto for x265: http://hwbot.org/submission/3732447_
  9. Thanks for putting this together TASOS! I'm looking forward to it! Just one question - would we be allowed to use slockets to run Socket 370 chips on Slot 1 non-Intel boards?
  10. For stage 2, what is the rule for unlocking cores? Phenom X2 550 BE, for example. Is it still a dual-core CPU with cores unlocked? Also, is "Please attach a picture of your overclocking rig in use" considered a polite suggestion again? Sounds similar to "Please provide a screenshot with official background, CPUZ CPU, mainboard, memory and SPD tab and GPUZ for 3D stages" - which is obviously not a polite suggestion.
  11. I thought about that too! But then, like mr.paco said, it's better to try to make the comp reasonably accessible and most people don't have workstation cards. Maybe we can have one stage for the more attainable workstation cards like the the Quadro FX 3700, for example. Maybe we could even allow cross-flashing from GeForce to Quadro for the comp. edit - FX 3700 is the 8800 GT in workstation's clothing
  12. That's a good point. I do like the notion of retaining some element of era-appropriateness, so how about opening up the GPU requirements to say 2-3 eligible generations per stage rather than forcing just the one? Would that help?
  13. Thanks for the corrections! And yes, all of your interpretations of what I meant to say have been correct. Sorry I couldn't be more clear in the first place! In my personal opinion, I would be in favour of ES chips being allowed for this. It is an OC competition, after all.
  14. Hi Mr. Paco, et al. Yes, I think you are right about that (^). Still I found I had trouble fathoming anything but a round-by-socket design when attempting to design stages. So I went ahead and did it that way. I hope you are able to find this helpful in some way: INTEL SOCKETS S775/S771 (Xeon-class processor required) - Stage 1 = 2 cores on 1 socket, SuperPi 32M - Stage 2 = 4 cores on 1 socket, 3D Mark 01 SE w/ GeForce 8000/9000 (single card) - Stage 3 = 4 cores on 2 sockets, PC Mark 05 - Stage 4 = 8 cores on 2 sockets, Cinebench R11.5 S1366 (Xeon-class processor required) - Stage 1 = UP Bloomfield/Gainestown, PiFast - Stage 2 = UP Gulftown/Westmere, 3D Mark Cloud Gate w/ GeForce 200 (up to 3x SLI) - Stage 3 = DP Gainestown, wPrime 32 - Stage 4 = DP Westmere, GPUPI 1B S1155/S2011 (Xeon-class processor required) - Stage 1 = UP Sandy/Sandy-E, Aquamark w/ GeForce 400 (up to 2x SLI) - Stage 2 = UP Ivy/Ivy-E, 3D Mark 01 SE w/ Radeon HD 7000 (up to 4x Xfire) - Stage 3 = DP Sandy-E, HWBOT x265 1080p - Stage 4 = DP Ivy-E, Geekbench3 Multi S1151/S2011-3 (Xeon-class processor required) - Stage 1 = UP SuperPi 32M - Stage 2 = UP Catzilla 1440p w/ AMD R5/R7/R9 200/300 (single card) - Stage 3 = DP 3D Mark Vantage w/ Nvidia GeForce 900 incl. Titan-M (up to 4x SLI) - Stage 4 = DP Cinebench R15 AMD SOCKETS S939/S940 (Opteron-class processor required) - Stage 1 = 1 core on 1 socket, PC Mark 04 - Stage 2 = 2 cores on 1 socket, Aquamark w/ Radeon HD 2000 (up to 2x Xfire) - Stage 3 = 2 cores on 2 socekts, Cinebench 2003 - Stage 4 = 4 cores on 2 sockets, 3D Mark 05 w/ GeForce 7000 (up to 4x SLI) S1277 (Opteron or FX-class processor required) - Stage 1 = DP Santa Rosa/Windsor, PC Mark Vantage - Stage 2 = DP Santa Rosa/Windsor, 3D Mark 06 w/ Radeon 5000 (up to 3x Xfire) - Stage 3 = 4P Barcelona/Shanghai, GPUPI 100M - Stage 4 = 4P Istanbul, wPrime 1024 G34 (Opteron-class processor required) - Stage 1 = DP Magny Cours, 3D Mark Sky Diver w/ GeForce 700 incl. Titan-K (up to 3x SLI) - Stage 2 = DP Istanbul/Abu Dhabi, Geekbench 4 Multi - Stage 3 = 4P Magny Cours, Y-Cruncher 10B - Stage 4 = 4P Istanbul/Abu Dhabi, HWBOT x265 4K I didn't bother going back to Socket 603/604 or earlier, because I figure that's OSIBS territory. I also didn't mess with 4P 2011+ because I figure that's IT pro/elite territory. I also tried to mix in various GPU combos with an eye towards 1) some limited degree of era-appropriateness and 2) maxing out some of the bigger scores that could benefit most from the MP Xeon/Opty chips. Hopefully at least some of this will be helpful to you. If not, that's cool too. I had fun designing it, so if this is as far as it goes, I'm still happy! edit - I should note that in my mind the UP/DP requirements can include populating just 1 socket on a DP board or 2 sockets on a MP board and that's totally legit.
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