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  1. I lowered QPI/DMI link in bios and tried singlechanel helped a bit i can now go for 225FSB with i3 530 i will try tomorow with another CPUs if i am bricked at 225FSB or it is just bad bin cpu and cant hit higher FSB thank you
  2. Hi I cant fall 216FSB (Bus speed) wall at socket LGA 1156 can someone help me with tips and tricks how to fall this wall ? I have this hardware MB: Gigabyte P55A-UD3,Asus P7H55 CPU i3 530,i3 540,i3 550 Mem :Adata Xtreme series 2000MHz CL9-9-9, Some kingstone DDR3 1600MHz CL9 kits Cooling: AIO Kraken X62 if i fall 220FSB wall i have LN2/dice CPU pot for testing higher FSB PSU:750W GPU: HD 3650 Bios settings for 215FSB (i3 530,i3 540,i3 550 same for all of them) 10x multiplier 215Bus speed 1290MHz DDR speed CL8-8-8-24-88-1T CPU voltage:1.4V DRAM Voltage:1.65V PLL voltage:1.9V QPI/VTT voltage:1.31V tried to add litle bit voltage for PCH (1.1V) did not help. Thank you very much ❤️
  3. Thanks big thanks Flank3r for renting pot and davestarrr for helping with first subzero OC.
  4. I have same problems with Maximus IX Extreme i upgraded from Maximus VIII Hero with M8H i was able to boot with memory set to 4000Mhz with Maximus IX Extreme unable boot 3866Mhz.
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