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  1. Hey guys! I have g.skill ripjaws v 3600 cl16. currently booted up with: 3600mhz, CL 14-14-14-34 1.4v DDR (1.392v in windows). VCCIO 1.18V VCCSA 1.19V I'd like to get it stable, but i don't understand well all these "trc" "Twcl" and such, please some help here's an image: By the way, for 24/7 safe use.
  2. Oh hey der8auer ^^ With the Apex, have you had any problems what so ever? Anyways i have no use for those 8 slots, i need just 4 of them, so i figured i'd get one of those following boards: Asus VI Apex. EVGA Dark. Asrock OC Formula. Gigabyte SOC Champion. Have you had any experience with those motherboards besides Apex?
  3. Yeah i've figured it must be the throttling, beacause 400W is just mental. Also as you can see here: The VRM throttles on X299 due to bad heatsink design, and the single 8 pin cpu connecter is also very bad on these, so im wondering what would be the wattage output with proper VRMs cooler, proper double 8 pin at the least, and delidded + custom water cooled cpu, on lets say 1.3V.
  4. Hey fellas. So we've all probably seen this video: And so as he tested the cpu went to extremely high wattage consumption of over 400W. Now what im asking is, if its just beacause his cpu throttled, and his cooler was crap? i mean cmon h100 or any other aio is bad realy, if im pairing it with 2 360 rads just for cpu and gpu, will it still throttle the wattage like that?
  5. Hello folks! I've been trying to reach maxxpi website for a couple of days now and seems like its either blocked here, or its down. On google i found a version 2.04v download, which is from 2016, and well its not compatible since its always locked on 150ns letancy no matter what. Would be nice if i could get pointed to a proper download link, or how to fix the connection, or the software in 2.04v to work properly. Thanks ahead!
  6. Thats what i did from the beginning. CPU clock > RAM > Uncore CPU was fully stable and i even added just a little vcore to make sure. Its def the ram, but why the temps are so high on a loop and delidded.. Also ive got another question, what are these ram voltages? DRAM training voltage DDRVPP Voltage DRAM Termination voltage And what would be a safe range for them, and the reason to up those voltages?
  7. Hey thank you for your reply! I use 2 Push fans, which honestly i don't remember their module, and 2 pull fans named Scythe Slip Stream on maximum RPM, (they how like 110CM or something around that). all fans are working on maximum, i also have 2 CM FAns that push cold air inside, they came with my CM Storm Stryker case, and 1 CM fan at the back. All fans are working on maximum RPM. I can actually feel the hot air comming out of the 2 slip stream fans blowing it out of the top. About the PLL, i don't have any setting for pll, except overclock pll overvoltage which only lets me add voltage, but not set an actual voltage manually. mobo is Z170X-UD3 by gigabyte, Bios version F21. (latest).
  8. Hello dear fellas! I've been looking for answers on other forums untill i discovered this forum, heard that the most knowledgable and proffesional people around the world are here, so i better join this community and get help from you guys. So i've got an 7700k, currently at 5.0 ghz, 1.270V in bios, and while stress testing checked with HWinfo64 im getting an actualy 1.260V, it passed 2 hours of RealBench, while hottest core was during the test peaking at 72C, while others between 67 and 70. My 7700K is delidded with collaboratory liquid ultra, and this is the cooling: http://i.imgur.com/0xojt0X.jpg RS360 RASA 750 kit. bought it years back but i did change water, pump, and cleaned it a few times. And still isn't the temp too high? http://i.imgur.com/4Rs7QTP.jpg Also i have g.skill ripjaws V at 3600Mhz CL 14-15-15-32 2T running on 1.44V DRAM, and VCCIO 1.19V, VCSSA 1.2V. I just get a small stutter once in a few hours, i think system is mostly stable but maybe ram isn't fully, what can i increase to grant it more stability other than VRAM? beacause increasing Vcore doesn't change the small stutter, its def the ram, its just almost stable, like something small would help, but i don't want to jump to 1.46Vram and no small jumps are available. Also if i'd want to get to 5.2 Ghz, i'd need 1.385Vcore, what could i actually add voltage to, to decrease vcore and keep stablity? maybe PCH Voltage? or i shouldn't touch it at all? what about other voltages? Thanks ahead!
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