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  1. ok no problem so i wait for your pm we can discus about details
  2. Sorry but i was busy on weekend, I receive your message, if you live in Poland shipping is for free About compatybility mem pots i was made for corsair dominators, mounting holes is ~110 mm total cost 160 € for both pots with armaflex and shipping. Greetings Dominik
  3. Yes, I still got it
  4. bump and price drop Raptor 140€ Mem pot 30 €
  5. i got to sell 1. Der8uer Raptor 2 (first one made) with mountings screws, pot is insulated with armaflex tape and I add some for change it price 150€ 2. my first mem pot (big one) price: 40 € payment paypal or direct transfer shipping EU 20€ Prices are negotiable, if someone take 2 pot I'll cover shipment
  6. Wkoncu sprzęt skompletowalem heh i nie jeździ po rma
  7. great as allways thx for sharing, and your for the determination to create the BIOS, Asus should hire You in the R&D center Keep pushing Micha***322;
  8. i send you PM about shiping to US
  9. Yes GTX still available:)
  10. last price drop: 1ST CPU POT: 80€ Bullet 95€ GPU: 235€
  11. price drop: 1ST CPU POT: 90€ Bullet 105€ GPU: 250€ bullet was tested by XA here paypal or direct transfer
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