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  1. I will be patient. First impressions are so impressive, love it. Once that's fixed, this is gonna be a sick board (already is for RKL)
  2. I'm on BIOS 1.27C and tested it on 10900K. RAM OC is really not there for CML, max bootable was 4200 for me ..
  3. Should have secured one, topic closed
  4. Hello, I'm looking for the famous fishy GPU from Galax, for collection purpose. Preferably a working or almost working one. Any edition is fine. Thank you !
  5. Yep, its only affecting RKL 6c. Got this issue too on my 11600k
  6. I like it. I wish we would still have the "rules" link not only on the first page of said benchmark, but also when browsing scores
  7. Anyone had any luck installing W7 on Tachyon ? Keep getting ACPI BSOD on loading ..
  8. Hello, I'm having issues with AVX offset "0" not working with the Intel 11600K and the Tachyon. When I set to 0 the AVX2 Offset, it will ALWAYS downclock to ratio x49 on benchmarks like Cinebench R20 or HWBOT x265 or any others AVX2 benchmarks really. It doesn't matter the core manual ratio, x55 or x60, it will always downclock to x49 on some core and fluctuate. between x49 and the manual ratio chosen.However, if I put AVX Offset "1", it will works, like it will do 55-1 and downclock to 54 on some cores.In others words : the AVX offset when set at "0" in the bios doesn't work and will downclock cores to ratio x49.I'm using the bios X2g, but it also doesn't work on bios F3 for example. Thanks in advance
  9. I'm jealous ! I've been trying to get my hand on that for weeks lol. GZ !
  10. If I'm not mistaken, thats labelled "Round trip latency" under memory training algorithms.
  11. Does anyone has the lastest GTL for z590 (Tachyon) ? Thanks !
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