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  1. Love it! youtube link to his video. https://youtu.be/TCsZAyrWoG0
  2. richiec77

    Benching board for 8700k

    Got an APEX X. Sending you a PM.
  3. richiec77

    Cheapaz Chips 2019 Planning Thread

    HD6450 might a good alternative. Much faster than the HD5450 but basically same/similar price point. Seeing GROUP LOTS of 8 HD 6450's going for like $63-80. Basically $10 or less a card. Seems to have been a popular choice for pre-builts. Microcenter, Newegg, Amazon...etc seem to carry New Stock
  4. richiec77

    [FS] Intel i9-9900k

    Cool. Seems like a good chip overall.
  5. richiec77

    [FS] Intel i9-9900k

    What SA/IO for the 4795 run?
  6. richiec77

    Cheapaz Chips 2019 Planning Thread

    GTX 550 Ti maybe a good choice. Fast enough in GPUPI to not be a chore. Prices on EBay is around $35 shipped. China seems to a popular location. So could be easy to source worldwide. or R7 250. niobium mentioned these in our Discord.
  7. richiec77

    Cheapaz Chips 2019 Planning Thread

    HD5450 is Definitely cheap on EBay. Quick search for 1GB models is around $16-18 buy it now shipped. That's cheap.
  8. richiec77

    [WTB] LN2 CPU and GPU pots

    Thanks for the Trade. Nice Dewar.
  9. richiec77

    [WTB] LN2 CPU and GPU pots

    I'm in San Antonio. I have a 2 CPU pots I can part with. A BartX pot and Venom Pot. Any pics of the Dewars?
  10. Yeah. It's been very weird. No Gene and no APEX.
  11. richiec77

    [FS] Cheap B-Die

    PM'ing ya.
  12. richiec77


    Yeah...shipping and VAT sucks to deal with. But 27%.....extortion levels there.
  13. richiec77


    I have one on hand I bought right as it was launched. I can also buy them from EVGA Direct at $500 with free shipping/no tax to my door. If you wanted one, I can always help out. I'd have to check and see what shipping would be cost effective to the EU/UK from the USA. USPS would be the cheapest. But the box doesn't fit into any of the Priority International boxes.
  14. richiec77

    FS: USA: 7700t, 980ti, ddr4, water cooling parts.

    PM on the card...and other parts.
  15. richiec77

    FS: ASUS GENE XI Full retail

    I guess you wanted POST #5000 to be special.
  16. Open to all. The more the merrier.
  17. Abbreviation for Pennsylvania, USA
  18. richiec77

    GPUPI - SuperPI on the GPU

    If they match the Screenshot, then you have CUDA P2 states enabled. You want them disabled. P2 ON drops the clocks for better stability for critical calculations. For max Clocks, P2 should be OFF.
  19. Caseking shows an availability date of Feb 5th, 2019. Maybe something will pop up stateside around that time.
  20. richiec77

    Tweak book for cheats

    Run CMD as admin and paste “bcdedit /set useplatformclock yes