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  1. Shipping approx 10-15EUR price is on original post. DICE pot has been sold I'm afraid, but Otti CPU pot remains
  2. Hey man, no idea - My location is BT358HR - UK if you want to get a shipping quote Bump also - LN2 Otternase v3 pot still available.
  3. SS has been bought by @TAGG - so that's sorted. Otternase v3 CPU pot still available
  4. @darkgregor @TAGG @fat4l - I have some photos of the unit running, it pulls to -49*C from room temp in about 25-30 seconds. I've taken the panel off the side and the compressor is a Danfoss NL11F: 105G6900 - Product specifications http://files.danfoss.com/TechnicalInfo/Dila/06/nl11f_r134a_220v_50hz_60hz_04-2005_ed401o102.pdf See below photos of it working and down to temp. https://www.dropbox.com/sc/yi3dw64na0xsmw7/AACxDr24b0AwbHDo_mZSuvIpa @fat4l postage to UK: 40 GBP @TAGG postage to Austria: 65 Euro @darkgregor postage to France: 65 Euro PM me offers if you're interested.
  5. Hi Guys, Given the interest in the SS - I may put it on eBay, there are more than a few people messaging me about it. Any objections? Myles
  6. I've updated the post with weight and dimensions of the phase to let you guys work out shipping for it, i'm located in Northern Ireland. Indicatively, Italy and Austria would be 70 Euro shipping for the SS phase.
  7. Apologies, updated. @TheGamingBarrel - I believe it's the same as this, without the auto-on controller board: LD PC-V2 Phase Change - Black - LD Cooling Computer Cases
  8. Hi All, Having a clear out and came across my old OCing hardware, very very little use and in perfect condition, all come with their necessary accessories and mounting hardware. I have an Otternase V3, an Otternase dual purpose AMD/Nvidia GPU block and a dry ice CPU pot, all with mounting hardware. There is also a LittleDevil Single Stage Phase change cooler available. Open to offers on all of this as I have literally no idea what the going rates are these days so i've quoted what I paid for them below. Otternase V3 CPU pot - 4.5Kg solid copper (450EUR RRP) - 150 Euro: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/pbiksmcnd3lnsdt/AABIKkQvhi4TeqCFufdol3Qva Otternase Dual purpose AMD/Nvidia mounting GPU LN2 pot (250EUR RRP) - 100 Euro: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/hffvw6l7ducg5ac/AAABGcrNz102gPWdxAvZUn7za Generic dry ice pot (£50 RRP) - FREE if you pay shipping Sold: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/4bknr1mc2p16x90/AADGByXM4s8FgP8g_6MhTdiKa Little Devil Single Stage phase change unit (600EUR RRP) - PM Offers: - Note shipping dimensions are 25Kg, 30cm x 35cm x 65cm SOLD https://www.dropbox.com/sc/dejyuq1iv4f5nmq/AAB_bdEpSDrOpwJchwnBbx7Ya All photos can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yuil0ejggz9bw3b/AADOVYbw-v3d22YLv0mqosVXa?dl=0 Verification: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/gp1dzp3d4dk3rfg/AABirWykAxXzm_6Y5uF8NhlUa I'm based in Northern Ireland and can ship to pretty much anywhere, just ask for a quote. Cheers, Myles
  9. Any news on an API to allow values to be passed and forms populated for result submissions?
  10. I think so... but old Monty is still alive so no loss really...
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