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  1. Shipping approx 10-15EUR price is on original post. DICE pot has been sold I'm afraid, but Otti CPU pot remains
  2. Hey man, no idea - My location is BT358HR - UK if you want to get a shipping quote Bump also - LN2 Otternase v3 pot still available.
  3. SS has been bought by @TAGG - so that's sorted. Otternase v3 CPU pot still available
  4. @darkgregor @TAGG @fat4l - I have some photos of the unit running, it pulls to -49*C from room temp in about 25-30 seconds. I've taken the panel off the side and the compressor is a Danfoss NL11F: 105G6900 - Product specifications http://files.danfoss.com/TechnicalInfo/Dila/06/nl11f_r134a_220v_50hz_60hz_04-2005_ed401o102.pdf See below photos of it working and down to temp. https://www.dropbox.com/sc/yi3dw64na0xsmw7/AACxDr24b0AwbHDo_mZSuvIpa @fat4l postage to UK: 40 GBP @TAGG postage to Austria: 65 Euro @darkgregor postage to France: 65 Euro PM me offers if you're interested.
  5. Hi Guys, Given the interest in the SS - I may put it on eBay, there are more than a few people messaging me about it. Any objections? Myles
  6. I've updated the post with weight and dimensions of the phase to let you guys work out shipping for it, i'm located in Northern Ireland. Indicatively, Italy and Austria would be 70 Euro shipping for the SS phase.
  7. Apologies, updated. @TheGamingBarrel - I believe it's the same as this, without the auto-on controller board: LD PC-V2 Phase Change - Black - LD Cooling Computer Cases
  8. Hi All, Having a clear out and came across my old OCing hardware, very very little use and in perfect condition, all come with their necessary accessories and mounting hardware. I have an Otternase V3, an Otternase dual purpose AMD/Nvidia GPU block and a dry ice CPU pot, all with mounting hardware. There is also a LittleDevil Single Stage Phase change cooler available. Open to offers on all of this as I have literally no idea what the going rates are these days so i've quoted what I paid for them below. Otternase V3 CPU pot - 4.5Kg solid copper (450EUR RRP) - 150 Euro: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/pbiksmcnd3lnsdt/AABIKkQvhi4TeqCFufdol3Qva Otternase Dual purpose AMD/Nvidia mounting GPU LN2 pot (250EUR RRP) - 100 Euro: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/hffvw6l7ducg5ac/AAABGcrNz102gPWdxAvZUn7za Generic dry ice pot (£50 RRP) - FREE if you pay shipping Sold: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/4bknr1mc2p16x90/AADGByXM4s8FgP8g_6MhTdiKa Little Devil Single Stage phase change unit (600EUR RRP) - PM Offers: - Note shipping dimensions are 25Kg, 30cm x 35cm x 65cm SOLD https://www.dropbox.com/sc/dejyuq1iv4f5nmq/AAB_bdEpSDrOpwJchwnBbx7Ya All photos can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yuil0ejggz9bw3b/AADOVYbw-v3d22YLv0mqosVXa?dl=0 Verification: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/gp1dzp3d4dk3rfg/AABirWykAxXzm_6Y5uF8NhlUa I'm based in Northern Ireland and can ship to pretty much anywhere, just ask for a quote. Cheers, Myles
  9. Any news on an API to allow values to be passed and forms populated for result submissions?
  10. I think so... but old Monty is still alive so no loss really...
  11. The disable and enable services just disable ALL non system critical services and enable enables them ALL I recommend using Start->Run->services.msc to disable services EDIT: Could add an array that stores all the service names so when re-enabling it will enable only the ones you had enabled in the first place...
  12. It does do an OS check and it doesn't add any reg keys at all I'll try implement that, does it only work in XP that tweak? Myles
  13. Mutant_Tractor, what does the "transparency windows" tweak do? Checked it, restarted, the checkbox dissapeared in BTTB but subtest score didn't change. Is it OS specific? You might disable video hardware acceleration is screen properties - help for superpi. If it doesn't do this already Hi Antinomy, It stops the windows Aero service (no need to restart for this) Can you explain how to diable the hardware acceleration in screen properties? I will integrate if you tell me how it works Myles
  14. V1.5.1 Available for Download! Changes in this version: Added - Checkbox to change ALL other processes to low priority Added - Ability to set custom CDT file size Changed - Link on BTUK Logo To-Do - Add submission to HWBot API To-Do - Add ability to change LOD for GTX4xx Series & V2xx.xx Drivers Happy benching! Myles
  15. I have been searching the dev site but nothing so far, and release notes I'm pretty sure don't document such "technical" changes
  16. So these new 2xx.xx drivers can indeed support LoD changing? As I read on a website (can't find it just at this moment) that it is DX dependant...? Maybe because tessellation adds a fully dynamic LoD based on what the user is looking at these drivers don't support LoD changes manually?
  17. LOD adjustment is only supported in Direct 3D V9?
  18. Hahaha, Best comment ever! It took Adrian and I many weeks of research (mostly with CDT and SPi) almost solidly doing nothing else to find these tweaks, We had help from some of the BTUK members on this too but from the wider public not so much I really wanted to do an AIO just to save our team members (most if not all of whom already knew the tweaks and applied them manually) a lot of time in prepping and setting up the OS, its defiantly not complete yet, i maintain there are a LOT more tweaks out there we just don't know about yet so that's why i'm trying to get old farts like you (you said it not me ) To impart some of your knowledge to us Still, its not done yet, I'm not sure if hwbots new submission API is released yet, if it is I'll get to work on a brand new field in the application, allowing submission from your desktop, it wont do automatic hardware detection but it will have all necessary fields to fill in and auto submit to the HWBot DB... that's my master plan anyhoo Most of my stuff ends up like top gear... ambitious but rubbish but this application is one thing I'm very proud of /End speech
  19. New version v1.5 up Adds: PCM05 - Transparency disable/enable tweak Screenshot - Save to dialogue to allow you to have them taken to a specific location Fix - On Wazza the dialogues when Stabilization period was selected were in a strange order, now working okay Will get working on the NVidia GTX4XX LOD ASAP too... I have a feeling it will be in the 3D tweaking application If anyone has tweaks they know of for 3D please post them here and I shall try and integrate them Enjoy! Myles
  20. Cool well if we can all mock up a list of wanted items that would be great Taking requests
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