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  1. haha great pictures. like hiwa said this week was rly fun, thanks also to all of you guys, especially the whole G.skill Crew
  2. hey guys, i also wanna say thank you to all of you. was a great time, alot of fun with new ppl and some good old known. hope to have that kind of meeting again soon, maybe at computex ? also again thanks to G.Skill for their big kindness
  3. great idea, not so easy to manage i could imagine...but anyway good first step though. i would be definitely in, and i think also alot of member from our team. benchbros, me and some other guys are also already using linde as supplier, costs for one litre are about 1,30 without taxes and delivery charges.
  4. who cares about mem in 3D11. the card i received btw is one of the badest i´ve tested yet...and i tested alot
  5. @ME4ME, should be the same flight. i just booked another one because of this fact. no just kidding , so we´ll see us in frankfurt?
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