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  1. Why did I decide to read this threat at 6 in the mornin? Best answer in this thread is probably Sponsored, Non-Sponsored, Rookie. I don't like the concept of "Sponsored", maybe turn it into the "Verified" elite members of the community. I don't think that ranking matters much when LN2 will always be on top and many people just don't care about doing sub-ambient OC (like myself). I primarily use the site for hardware rankings so most of this doesn't really matter to me. Unlike people who have pushed thousands of dollars into this hobby because they are chasing some kind of recognition (And then you might as well be using LN2). This site is much more useful as a review aggregate than some kind of epeen measuring contest =).
  2. I was going to make a separate thread about this but someone on /r/overclocking linked me over here. So all Ryzen benches that can be RTC cheated are fucked now then? Even looking at the CB15 Leaderboard we can see very obvious skews in results that people are getting. At this point is there even a reason to bench ambient on Ryzen when someone's just gonna fake a higher result? It takes ten minutes to set up Windows 7 for benching Ryzen. All someone has to do is grab a second hard drive and load it via USB. It is no different than benching any of the older archs on Windows XP.
  3. Yup there are a LOT of malformed submissions. We were discussion this last night in discord.
  4. Just FYI. If anyone wanted to fix it. I heard that this frequently happens so I wanted to report on it.
  5. Woops, gotta actually test now that I can download the right wallpaper .
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