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  1. lovely. i guess a 5970 card is eligable for 1st stage!
  2. I cannot find this cpu in the database. http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=1731443 can you please add it? thanks
  3. ehehehehe! then please let me express again my thanks I would like to thank MSI and the bot for offering the prizes and Christian for not participating
  4. i can't understand why you don't get a key. It says: "Note: max. one licence per user." ! isn't 6970 Lightning? I wanted to thank MSI and the bot for offering the prizes. I am looking forward for new events like this
  5. i don't think we get 3 tickets, but 2 because we are stage winners and 1 ticket is for the stage 4 tickets are excluded from the lottery but lets wait for Massman to write the official announcement
  6. I am counting just 16 participations for the great prize! Excluding of course the stage winners. Good luck to all
  7. I cannot submit reference clock. thanks
  8. Yes, me too! the good thing about "hitting target" competitions is that you don't need to have any particular knowledge of OC nor to have top of the cream HW but rather alot of time, patience and luck of course
  9. i don't want to run again unigine for at least a year great competition!
  10. This one was for powerful systems! for a 5870/6870 a good OC is needed. for 6950 a moderate or no OC, for 6970 an underclock
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