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  1. Hello, could you add that MSI motherboard in HW list ? MPG-Z390I-GAMING-EDGE-AC https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/mpg-z390i-gaming-edge-ac Br Pt1t
  2. yep ... new bioses F5s for gigabyte and Z87OCF151b for asrock
  3. yep i will do it this week , also with differents bioses by boards.
  4. http://www.cpuid.com/medias/files/softwares/betas/cpu-z_1.65-en.zip that CPUZ 1.65.0 reads correctly Vcore on Asrock z87 :-)
  5. Biostar HI-Fi Z87X3D Biostar Hi-Fi Z87X3D bios 06-11-2013
  6. Asrock Z87 OC Formula Asrock Z87 OCF bios Z87OCF1.43A