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  1. Happy New Year to everyone regards from Venezuela
  2. Merry Christmas To Everyone
  3. Interesting comp, i just have a gigabyte SOC 560ti and a hd7950, lets see what they can do, this will be a good challenge to learn about 3d01 Best regards from venezuela
  4. I play BC2 and Tf2 sometimes, also playing blacklight retribution Best regards
  5. I have this problem with one submission also http://hwbot.org/submission/2267154_ Best regards
  6. because there is a better one http://hwbot.org/submission/2216055_dinos22_cpu_frequency_fx_8150_8149.59_mhz regards
  7. Chucupis


    that would be great, just need an excuse to get out from venezuela for holidays with hardware , everithing you said sooner or later will happen, just hoping thet members from others latin america countries join best regards
  8. Chucupis


    amen , esperemos que asi sea, el año pasado tenia que ir a buenos aires al latinoamericano de IPSC, pero por motivos de la universidad no fui, si hay otra espero poder ir y llevarme el hardware hope it happens, last year i had to go to Buenos aires to be in The Ipsc latin american championchip, but i couldn´t go because of the college, if there is another championchip soon, i hope that i can go and bring my hardware Best regards
  9. Chucupis


    Great pics, good luck in this new project! best regards from venezuela
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