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  1. Happy New Year to everyone regards from Venezuela
  2. Merry Christmas To Everyone
  3. Interesting comp, i just have a gigabyte SOC 560ti and a hd7950, lets see what they can do, this will be a good challenge to learn about 3d01 Best regards from venezuela
  4. I play BC2 and Tf2 sometimes, also playing blacklight retribution Best regards
  5. I have this problem with one submission also http://hwbot.org/submission/2267154_ Best regards
  6. because there is a better one http://hwbot.org/submission/2216055_dinos22_cpu_frequency_fx_8150_8149.59_mhz regards
  7. Chucupis


    that would be great, just need an excuse to get out from venezuela for holidays with hardware , everithing you said sooner or later will happen, just hoping thet members from others latin america countries join best regards
  8. Chucupis


    amen , esperemos que asi sea, el año pasado tenia que ir a buenos aires al latinoamericano de IPSC, pero por motivos de la universidad no fui, si hay otra espero poder ir y llevarme el hardware hope it happens, last year i had to go to Buenos aires to be in The Ipsc latin american championchip, but i couldn´t go because of the college, if there is another championchip soon, i hope that i can go and bring my hardware Best regards
  9. Chucupis


    Great pics, good luck in this new project! best regards from venezuela
  10. It also happens with Team hardware venezuela, appears in the world rankings but not in the Venezuela rankings, i changed the country manually 3 times and it doesn´t change Best regards and sorry for my english
  11. i came here because i have the same problem , lets wait to be solve Best regards
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