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  1. I believe that 4133c12 is not easy but possible. Atm 1.25v both io/sa and 1.9v memory with Intel's stock cooler.
  2. First of all my ocf aren't dirty at all and i'm not crying around. Second i tought that messagge from Daniel "without direct die" was for me since i've share result made with my Direct Die pot 2 days earlyer. Then you chose the worst 2 guys to do sarcasm with, trust me, we can be realy dicks. Next time sold that chip to me instead of @Dancop, he is retired from OC.
  3. i don't know if your comment is for me or others but if is for me i need direct die and several hours of pretesting in order to try at least to be a little bit competitive against people that can have access to a totally different kind of cpu due to heavy binning from friend shop, like you.
  4. I waited a bit before replay, i usually read everything also if i don't take part in the discussions i'm watching you In 3 pages no one have mention how much is our fault this situation? yes i'm talking also of myself as we should be shame of ourself 'cos as a community we sucks hard fellas. If you like something why you wanna try to kill it? I really can't understand where this auto-destructive attitude come from. Is really come the time where we need to put our personal interest aside and start think as a community, otherwhise can close everything and go golf like old cucks. What i love of hwbot is the database where i can compare my score with other people from all around the world. Don't care really much about boints no more, basically boints for me are cancer, i prefer work hard in just some scores and make it properly. So now i should say what i would change but.... @richba5tard i really wanna know what's your plane for the future. I mean you build this and i assume u care to keep it alive. Sadly i believe the only way to keep overclock alive is to burn hwbot from the ground and start over, probably move database in another more active community like overlcok.net or something like that. Seems people have no problem to pay an annual amount of money for have something smooth to play with, so i'd start from there. I know this might be painfull for you but really now are we talking about life or death for hwbot. This are my 22cents, I know we can sort things out and make something better than before, just please stop to suggest a point system at your advantages, we are lucky that a lot of this kind of people left so we can make what will come even better than before.
  5. update, i saw a lot of this lately. When someone post a comment on the score @ howbot the name in the forum is different.
  6. RULE

    DDR3/ DDR4/ CPUs

    #5 reserved please pm
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