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  1. seems to be a driver bug. when i set clocks higher than 1000 mhz, it will show no higher than 1000 mhz realtime monitoring, but clocks in gpuz will go up. the card also crashes around 1100 mhz which means the clocks get applied. independent setting of shader clock doesn't work
  2. I think I found the problem with SLI detection under XP. Please try this test build and feedback: http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2744369#post2744369
  3. hrmmm .. could be that: can i send you a pm here to request further testing?
  4. added profiles, link in the first post feedback welcome
  5. of course. makes total sense first post updated with new build
  6. OC Snap from TechPowerUp, is a lightweight utility that allows you to launch a set of other applications, and pre-program the position of the windows of the launched applications. Multiple instances of the applications, with their desired tabs can be programmed. This utility is particularly useful for professional overclockers and PC enthusiasts, to launch key applications such as CPU-Z and GPU-Z after achieving an overclocking or performance measurement worth sharing with others. After scoring your feat, simply run the application to load your window location profile and use the same utility to take a screenshot. Hiwa also made a video, showing it in action: Download: Beta build Would be cool to get some feedback on this, what extra features would be useful etc.
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