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  1. Thank you, this cpu is fun. Hope I can rebench it with proper settings.
  2. any estimate for teamcup competition schedule? Starting June or July or later?
  3. 2D: 775 32m/wprime 1024 - DDR2 1366 32m/wprime 1024/cinebench i9 9900/10900k whatever - take your pick AM4 - ryzen 3k and 5k cpu - x265 3D: Vantage - max 8C16T cpu - no RTX 3k cards 3Dm 11 extreme - 2x gpu or dual gpu Fire Strike - all out single gpu, no limits Port Royal - no RTX gpu's 3Dm 03 - maxwell and/or kepler - cpu 7GHz(7005 MHz) max @ShaggySVK partially agrees
  4. I do custom 1440p resolution from nvidia control panel. just check if the monitor you have supports it.
  5. I like the new rules, easier to understand for casual overclockers. LOD tweak on 3dmark 03,05,06 still allowed, yes?
  6. for 3d it's simple, write on paper notes every 3d stage, put them in a bag, pick 3 at random.
  7. AMD Sempron, socket A/754/939/AM2 and so on for 2D. They are cheap.
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