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  1. this has probably been discussed before, but I want to make sure I understand this right. "Processor must be idle/load and at positive temperatures (HWinfo v6.+, OHM readout)" Positive temps as in +20*C ambient or can I put the radiator out the window where it's around 0*C and HWinfo would still show positive temps? Thank you.
  2. David, great results! I'm glad that the backplate heater helped. Let me know when you want to visit Romania. BR, Manu
  3. Weird behaviour, other than C states, turbo settings, power options I got no idea.
  4. Check if the AC adapter is detected in the bios/ac adapter warning enabled.
  5. TY Lab501.ro Team, Matose, Micutu, Ihlades, Vladut20, IraqI_Freedom for your support and experience, too bad the DFI chocked and I couldn't apply the high VTT Voltage for stable clocks.
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