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  1. 1. crying??? if i have a different opinion than u is crying???? lol !!! 2. read again my post and then tell me where do i say that i dont like der8auer or hw staff or what ever... 3. i just make a question about sharing is that so bad???? loool best regards Tilt
  2. me no cause i am unexperienced on that sector. others like slam maybe yes..
  3. Do u all know that Mr Lamm and Mr MAD222 have 2 identicals Cpu's for fact?? have u ever seen them with your own eyes operating 2 setups with same ghz and voltage? can u present the proof for those CPU's and not from Mr Der8auer?? why do u taking Mr Der8auer as a proof of existance??? For me the only Fact that i could understand and say nothing about it.. is 2 mobos with those cpu's on benching at the same time and proof them selfs.
  4. yeah im very intresting to see the rules... i play here im sumbiting scores isnt a MUST to me to know and understand the Rules??? you said about CPU's that its not allowed to share... how do they know that we r not sharing?? how it will be checked???? i see that many cpu's can do same ghz with same volts how u will check it if i own it or not?? i could just take my friends staff bench take points and glory and noone can say anything about it.. right??? same think same deal
  5. i totally agree with u... but u didnt understand me let me explain what i want to say with some more details.. in school we wrote test right??? we all used same pencil B2 same paper... the students that didnt have pencils could share between them right??? (eg. ok i have 2 pencils take one from me and at the end give it to me). Thats cool with me sharing equipment is a nice way to support ur friends but the line its there for me... Its like in maths u can have a calculator with u share it with others but not just give the answer to the other... An Eg from my life... Been in university for many many years i learn many thinks.... One of my friends had a papper to give for a class that he didnt like(maybe he didnt understand it) and he took from an older student his papper and he rewrite it with a few extra points... Can u imagine what happend when the teacher find out about it???? I think that this subject is similar to this thread... Rules are ment to follow no matter who he/she is or nomatter what version we have... and something else.... i think that this thing could be solved much much easer if the rules are on a place that ALL can see them... in every forum or community i have entered the rules are on a sticky thread... where r they???
  6. and if we both post a result with own runs??? the first one tries out his skill and then the other one is that a forbiten think??? like in school same papper same book same test but different results.
  7. plz clear something to me.. i have the gear (cpu mems mobos gpus etc...) and let my friend play on it (benching for our story) and me only watch and put LN2 on the pots who has the result?? who will post the sumbition??? who will get the points???
  8. so the penalty for mixing results to each other is 1 month penalty??? is that for all or only for Mr. Lam?
  9. we learned and how we insulate ... But going off topic...
  10. look at ur screen that u post where do i start hmmm 4 M4's even on FP my dear friend whitch is 150.000 tops limitation u canot have 2.1GB on 4k random.. having that speed that they r more than factory announced speed its little bit wierd dont u think?? especially without caching involved as u say on ur post. Direct speaking with Tech department of LSI in Europe they saying to get 300.000 IOPS in 4k random u need least 12 drives.. we all remember that testing with IT FR the limitation of the HBA (a controller that u can bypass the IR) its 250.000 IOPs with 8 drives. Now seeing the Crystal mark bench that u post... ok 6.1GB/s on 512B files??? I didnt expect that to approve Computurd especially (im saying it again and again) with out Cache system... now if u think that im wrong by saying that just remember that fancy cache is easy to switch ON and OFF while u r benching that why u dont see high latencies at the end. But this is not the point to give a guide on Fancy Cache. ok lets go to basic maths then... M4 performs on papper 45k 4k random on read right??? right... http://www.crucial.com/store/ssd.aspx ok he is using 4 drives of 64GB each.... whitch means 45x4=180 whitch is 180.000 IOPS @ 4k random... that is... 720MB/s in 4k random 64Q all this is on perfect conditions that the drive perfoms what is writen on papper.. now explane to me how in hell it performs 2.1GB/s without cache... with only 4 drives.... ahh btw http://www.lsi.com/channel/products/storagesw/Pages/MegaRAIDFastPathSoftware.aspx the 9260 is the 2108-based MegaRAID controller... but ok i will say that also my result like posted here is Legit right TransAm and Computurd?? with and without FP wowow i forgot... it's with 2 drives X25m's.... G2
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