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  1. SOLD thanks, can be closed
  2. Bump - Price Drop
  3. Done benching Zen3 so no longer need this board. Full retail box, no insulation on the front, back has been sprayed with LET. Seen cold twice, on 3300X and 5900X Looking for £140 £120+Shipping, PayPal gift or buyer pays the fee
  4. All items sold, can be closed thanks
  5. Added EVbot Small price drop on memory
  6. Apex XII sold pending payment (Payment Received Apex XII Sold) Will be adding Ryzen 3 3300X soon as well
  7. G.Skill kit, bought from Websmile. Item No5 https://community.hwbot.org/topic/192457-fs-4-b-die-1-micron-e-die-kits/ Looking for £110+Shipping Paypal Gift or buyer pays the fees
  8. Yeah chip is delid. Could be crack, sometimes they're quiet other times they're very loud and obvious, very low on ln2 now, may only have a few litres left, might get one more chance
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