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  1. Amazing card and mods, thanks heaps for your generosity!
  2. I may have a Q822A435, let me check through my drawer of CPUs haha
  3. Originally people avoided it as they lost clocks. But it's been tried again more recently with the latest techniques and knowledge re cracking with some success.
  4. It's a cpu-z bug, the multi isn't really changing it'll still be the same as what you booted in at.
  5. I haven't had much of a play yet, but mine hit coldbug at -60
  6. But with both slow GPUs and the particular benches chosen, CPU shouldn't matter. Which was the whole idea. And now if CPU is freq limited as well, what's the point of restricting cores/HEDT?
  7. Agreed, and I really hope to be allowed to compete in several as we originally were.
  8. When did this change? It was discussed many times previously in and out of this thread and we were always told 1151v1 and 1151v2 were separate sockets?
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