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  1. Chilli-Man

    CPU-Z need help

    It's a cpu-z bug, the multi isn't really changing it'll still be the same as what you booted in at.
  2. I haven't had much of a play yet, but mine hit coldbug at -60
  3. Chilli-Man

    Cheapaz Chips 2019 Planning Thread

    But with both slow GPUs and the particular benches chosen, CPU shouldn't matter. Which was the whole idea. And now if CPU is freq limited as well, what's the point of restricting cores/HEDT?
  4. Chilli-Man

    Challengers 2019 Round 1

    Agreed, and I really hope to be allowed to compete in several as we originally were.
  5. Chilli-Man

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    When did this change? It was discussed many times previously in and out of this thread and we were always told 1151v1 and 1151v2 were separate sockets?
  6. Chilli-Man

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    But they're two different sockets? 1151v1 and 1151v2?
  7. Yep, seems if you've already voted you can't go back and vote for the added benches. I'd like to vote for both 06 and 32B as well
  8. Chilli-Man

    [FS] 21 sticks of Samsung TCCD

  9. Chilli-Man

    To delid or not to delid (for extreme cooling)

    Yes, from skylake onwards it's almost mandatory to delid when going cold. Definitely want to reuse the IHS (can leave floating) unless you've got a specially modified pot for bare die.
  10. Chilli-Man

    R9 390X DCUII hotwire

    hey, I have an Asus R9 390X DCUII that I'm prepping to take cold. I'd like to use the hotwire points for voltage control, but I've been unable to find any mod guides. There's a couple pads right next to the points, so that seems obvious, but after looking at other guides there's also usually a resistor or two that needs to be removed? Any volt, bios, or other mods or tips would be appreciated Thanks
  11. nice result mate. yeah it's a CPUz and X58 bug, the multi doesn't actually change.
  12. Sweet efficiency, and nice work with the board!
  13. Chilli-Man

    Asus RE X48 bios

    I'm chasing this bios, does anyone have a working link for it? thanks
  14. thanks guys. I'll have another crack soon, I think I can push a little further.
  15. Steep learning curve, but loving it. Thanks again :)
  16. Chilli-Man

    GTL for X470?

    Also looking, let me know if you find it. Latest results dropping have got me wanting to join in the fun.
  17. thanks. what about the timings? just basic samsung dimms
  18. haha, just a bit. taped over slots then plastidip spray. looks worse than it is
  19. Chilli-Man

    Computex 2017

    In for dinner and drinks
  20. Chilli-Man

    GIGABYTE Summer Spectacular 2017 Discussion

    Anyone hit issues with OCP on volt modded cards? I had to limit my vcore to 1.33v to be able to get through a run at 1600mhz without the card turning off.