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  1. Overclocking competition "Back to Legacy" is one of the main events in mid October 2016 technofest. This event sponsored by Patriot brand memory, uses different rules than usual. For Overclocking “Back to Legacyâ€, we made new rules to make this competition become more interesting, and rookie overclockers could feel “old days†which was at that time, can only overclock via FSB because multi was locked. Overclockers should bring their own hardware. any Intel procesor allowed from 2nd gen until 6th gen. So new rookie ocers must think what good combination they should bring into the arena. New Main Rules: Processor multiplier will be locked in accordance with the default processor. Should not be raised more than the default processor multiplier, may only raise the BCLK (refference clock challenge) The scoring system will be based on percentage increase from default (without turbo boost) to overclocked Benchmark: superpi 32M and 3DMark11 Physics Master Judge: Me and Hazzan Participants and Hardware list: INTEL CLASS: 1. Alva Jonathan (Lucky_n00b) Intel core i5 6400t / Maximus Impact / Patriot Viper 3400C16 16GB kit 2. Leontinus Jesse Putra (bboyjezz) Pentium G4400 / Maximus Impact / Patriot Viper 2800 32GB kit 3. Indra Prabowo (Ablech) Intel core i5 6400 / Maximus Impact / Patriot Viper Extreme 2400C15 8GB kit 4. Zumar Widia & Christian Akbar Intel core i5 6400 / MSI Z170A Xpower GT / Patriot Viper Extreme 2400C15 8GB kit 5. Prasetya Permana Aji Intel core i5 6400t / MSI Z170A Xpower GT / Patriot Signature Line 2133 8GB kit 6. Adi rahmanta Intel core i5 6600K / Asus Z170i pro Gaming / Patriot Viper 2400C15 8GB kit 7. Muhammad Benny Mustofa (HambaaaAllah) Intel core i5 6400t / Maximus Impact / Patriot Viper 3400C16 16GB kit 8. Arham Pentium G4400 / MSI Z170A Xpower GT / Patriot Viper 3400C16 16GB kit AMD CLASS: 1. Alva Jonathan (Lucky_n00b) / Sempron 145 2. Indra Prabowo (Ablech) / Sempron 130 3. Prasetya Permana Aji / Sempron 145 Final Result Score PRIZES: Winner - Procesor intel core i7 6700K - Memori Patriot PVE48G240C5K - Patriot Gauntlet Node 2nd Winner - Motherboard Supermicro CH170M - SSD Patriot Pyro 240GB - Patriot Fuel iPhone 5 Bundle 3rD Winner - Motherboard Gigabyte B150-M - SSD Patriot Blast 120GB - Power Bank 4 in 1 Winner: 1. Alva Jonathan (Lucky_n00b) 2. Muhammad Benny Mustofa (HambaaaAllah) 3. Zumar Widia & Christian Akbar Eventhough Alva is 300Mhz differrence behind benny's 6400t, Alva can still manage to be a winner because the good choice of operating system which caused lowest defaut score than Benny. and also his competition experience and skills. Great overclockability was shown by Intel core i5 6400T. This processor could reached more than 100% overclocked on AIO water cooling Some Screenshoot from the winner 1st Winner 2nd Winner 3rd Winner will update some picts soon Cheers
  2. Reserved For List Participant and some picts Tweaking Fiesta OC Competition Participants Tim Name / nick Hwbot / residence 1. Muhammad Taufiq A / taufiq.azhari.5 / Bandung 2. Mohammad Farid Abdat / speed.fastest / Surakarta 3. Leontinus Jesse / bboyjezz / Jakarta 4. Hendra Wijaya / Coldest / Jakarta 5. Team Plendas / komen9 and fatorthin / Solo 6. Team Plendus / hambaaaalah and dmashv / Solo 7. Fariz yb / sapphire.freeze / yogyakarta 8. Wilson / crosshairAWL / yogyakarta 9. Ivan Rahmansyah / ivancupa / jakarta 10. Richard Sutanto / slythz / Jakarta 11. Pasha / pashaaulia / Depok 12. Lukas Budiman / Lukasb / Jakarta 13.Bambang Anggoro Jati / bmbenx / Yogyakarta 14. M Schumy Daraqutni / Sch0zz0 / Kudus 15. Team Amikom / Rhodie and thashim / Yogyakarta 16. Extreme Battle OC Competition Tim Name / nick Hwbot / residence 1. Alva Jonathan / Lucky_n00b / Jakarta 2. Leontinus Jesse / bboyjezz / Jakarta 3. Hendra Wijaya / Coldest / Jakarta 4. Team OC-44 / ivaneza and arhaam / Jakarta 5.Team Kelas Berat/ speed.fastest dan CrosshairAWL / Jawa Tengah 6. Team OC44 Killer / pashaaulia dan ndk / jakarta 7. Tim Amikom / rhodie dan tashim / Jakarta 8
  3. Hi Guys, Just want to share, in the midle of June 2016 we will organise an Event "The Enthusiast Festival 2016". There will be overclocking competition, gaming competition and also booth from vendor support, like Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, AOC etc. Focus on Overclocking Competition Venue: IT Mall Mangga Dua Jakarta Indonesia Time: 15-19th June 2016 4 days in a row Fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/enthusiastfestival/?fref=nf In this event will have 4 Competition inside: 1. Main Competition: Tweaking Fiesta Overclocking Competition (open until 32 participants) Clock will be limited 4.5Ghz The system uses a double elimination match, which each team had two occasions in the match. The losing team will go straight into the looser bracket for a second chance. The team that lost twice to be automatically eliminated. For more details, please see the example chart competition system below: • In this race there are 3 slots setup system that consists of 2 OC MSI setup, setup 2 OC 2 OC setup ASUS and GIGABYTE • Every 3 game 1 VS 1 will do the draw to fill the three slots available sistem setup • Each game will only use ONE BENCHMARK only. Selection benchmark also by the draw. • Each team will be given time 1 HOUR to benchmark • Submit benchmark results will only be given two times only. Each team is required to determine the most optimal benchmark results. PRIZE: Champion : 1 MSI Motherboard Z170 (model followed) 1 Motherboard ASUS Z170 (model followed) 1 GIGABYTE Motherboard Z170 (model followed) Viper Patriot Memory 16GB Kit 3400C16 AOC LED 24-Inch (model followed) Runner up: Cash Prize IDR 1,500,000 Patriot Memory Viper 8GB Kit 2400C05K Inwin 650 watts PSU 3rd place: Cash Prize IDR 1,000,000 Patriot 120GB SSD Inwin 550 watts PSU MSI Sistem Setup: - Procesor intel Skylake i5 6600K - Motherboard MSI Z170A Gaming M7 - RAM DDR4 Patriot Viper 3400C16 16GB kit Samsung B-Die IC - Cooling Silverstone Tundra TD03-E - Casing Inwin D-Frame - PSU InWin Commander 850 watt GIGABYTE Sistem Setup: - Procesor intel Skylake i5 6600K - Motherboard Gigabyte Z170A SOC Force - Graphic card Gigabyte GTX 950 - RAM DDR4 Patriot Viper 3400C16 16GB kit Samsung B-Die IC - Cooling Silverstone Tundra TD03-E - Casing Inwin D-Frame - PSU InWin Commander 850 watt ASUS Sistem Setup: - Procesor intel Skylake i5 6600K - Motherboard ASUS (model followed) - RAM DDR4 Patriot Viper 3400C16 16GB kit Samsung B-Die IC - Cooling Silverstone Tundra TD03-E - Casing Inwin D-Frame - PSU InWin Commander 850 watt Note: pict only showing sistem setup will be look like 2. Extreme Battle competition (open 8 participants) • A team can consist of one or two people • Each team must bring their own Skylake intel processor and motherboard chipset Z170. Brands motherboard is allowed to be in accordance with brand sponsors, namely Asus, Gigabyte or MSI • Each team is required to extreme cooling along with other equipment such as thermometers, benchtable, flask and insulation systems • Each team can bring their own SSD with the OS and utilities are already installed. Installing the benchmark was made during the race. Operating System can use dual boot winXP and Windows 7 • Liquid Nitrogen provided by the organizer • The committee will provide hardware support such as DDR4 RAM Patriot Viper 3400C16 and Power Supply of the sponsor. • Each team will meet with other teams with the system head to head 1 VS 1 • System knockout matches, which each of the losing team will be immediately eliminated For more details please see the competition system of chart examples below: • Each game will only use ONE BENCHMARK only. Selection benchmark also by the draw. • Each team will be given a half-hour for insulation and 2 HOURS to benchmark. • Teams are free to submit benchmark results • As a general rule, the rule applies to all benchmark http://www.hwbot.org and on each tab screenshot required to include CPU, Motherboard, Memory and SPD Tab. 3D benchmark shall be added to the tab GPUZ • If the team wants to submit benchmark results can summon a jury to verify and can not submit a screenshot of the results that have been stored in advance • There is no limitation on all benchmarks • The jury has the right to ask for any team to repeat benchmarknya if it suspects the bugs, to determine verification • The jury's decision can not be contested 3. Target OC Score mini Competition (for audience/visitors and also participant) • This race can be followed by the participant or visitor • The competition was held for 3 days • The committee has to provide the entire hardware for both the race and ensure the normal functioning and already installed OS. • Participants will be given time for half an hour to perform a predetermined benchmark • Participants must reach the target benchmark score has been determined by the committee. Suppose AIDA Memory Read Bandwidth: 59,999 • Submit benchmark results free for half an hour • If participants wish to submit benchmark results can summon a jury to verify and submit the results of screenshots that have been stored in advance, the closest to the target score. SISTEM SETUP: Procesor intel skylake 6600K Motherboard MSI Z170i Gaming Pro AC DDR4 Patriot Viper 3400C16 16GB kit SSD Intel 750 400GB Coooling Silverstone Tundra PSU Inwin PRIZE: Watercooling kit Silverstone Tundra TD03-E 4. LN2 Party Ocers gathering extreme ( just for fun, hopefully WR's ) This event just for fun between pro ocers and rookie , to give new experience to rookie ocer who wants to do extreme together, and maybe could break some WR's ... hopefully We will provide 3 Motherboard to use in this event: - MSI Z170 XPower Gaming Titanium - Asus Maximus VIII (model followed) - Gigabyte Z170 SOC Force Just to motivate, for each World Record will be given IDR 1.000.000 Hoping for prestige WR's like spi32M, XTU etc.. Benchmark used: • SuperPi 32M • Intel XTU • Real Bench • Cinebench R11.5 • Cinebench R15 • Geekbench • AIDA64 Read Bandwidth • 3DMark 03, • 3DMark 05, • 3DMark 06, • 3DMark Vantage Performance, • 3DMark11 Performance • 3DMark Firestrike, • 3DMark icestorm, • 3DMark Cloudgate, • 3DMark Skydiver if there's any change rule, regulation and prizes will be updated Thanks Sorry for my bad english
  4. aircooled... msi z170i and patriot mem kit B-die testing wth xp using MPS...but detected only 1 core? am i missing something... plz help
  5. Hi pepinorang i need your help.. juat want to ask if msi bios support winXP? tried to install with this unlock bios but still got error message.. tried with xp installed image...got blue sreen with ( acpi message ) Here i tested with G4400 @4.8Ghz @Win7.. want to play with xp actually
  6. Hi pepinorang.. Testing 64 GB kit because i only have 1 with Patriot Viper 2800C16 and MSI X99S Gaming 7 seems very nice.. straight 3200C16 with memory try it! option in bios can boot easily... Max OC on air with safety voltage : 3400C16 @1.35V spi32m and XTU passed 3400C14 @1.5V spi32m and XTU passed
  7. thanks dude... yes these are most crappy cpu i've ever test ... need to test another batch next week yw bro... yeah mate... they have to feel the excitement bench with ln2 first... 2 4 40 ftw
  8. Result We tested 5 Pentium G3258 but all of them not good... average coldbug at -80.. this is better at cb -110 but only bench below 6Ghz Pentium G3258 spi @5.7ghz Cinebench 5.5Ghz Suicie clock i7 4790K @6300Mhz.. still raise but stop due to condensation issue Validation: http://valid.canardpc.com/nf86rx Because we're run out of LN2.. so only testing 3DMark 2003 on air with 290X Lightning Thanks to Tzone for the place.. Win or loose doesnt really matter.. most important thing is we share knowledge each other, gathered and have fun with LN2 Cheers... sorry for my bad english
  9. Some of forum members contacted me and they want to join MOA but some of them never have experience with haswell and LN2.. and they have bought few processors, MSI motherboard and VGA.. So i gathered them in an extreme overcloking workshop and bench with LN2 so they can join MOA this year and also have some extreme overclocking experience. Subject: - Explaining intel haswell - Bios voltage Setting and memory setting - Binning process : - Lowest VID, lowest voltage at high clocks and Cold bug temperature - LN2 insulation process - Some 2D and 3D tweaks - Benching with LN2 This event took place at Intel Experience Zone at IT Mall Mangga Dua Jakarta, Indonesia and followed by 6 Indonesian ocers.. Some pict Hardware I'm shocked.. they have some good mems with psc and samsung chip
  10. thanks mate.. unfortunately chip is dead now.. may it RIP will try another chip for last bench this weekend..
  11. yes its all about imc's ... found good one, boot on air @2760mhz but only 2666mhz C10-12-12-28 stable unfortunately i dont have BFR sticks so i use MFR sticks but performance is little bit slower than BFR ...
  12. anyone had experience with new bios A85X? tried disable TDP option and still had drop score issue at 1267 devider.. am i missing something? i'm stuck with 1169 gpu now..
  13. My CPU also Rest In Peace after 3 hours benching and when i use 1.625V VNB suddenly post code showed 00 ...
  14. ok Roger i will try.. first i tried not as admin and didnt worked by the way... Here's my last backup and i'm sure i will win this.. lol Bugged run at GT4 while memory starts error...
  15. Nice result mate..but i think you forgot timing configurator @screenshoot
  16. I have same batch too and looks similar voltage Batch # L312B515 Malay Tested on SB-E Extreme 5Ghz @1.35V spi32m 2c LN2 Test with Z87M-OC Formula @ asrock z87 launching event... 6374Mhz @1.785V.. CB -130 http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2865307 Actualy what made hasswell degraded so fast? vcore, vring or something else?
  17. 3dmark 11 stage 2.... tried to submit again and still had the same message
  18. i cant submit my result it says: "Oops. Something went wrong. We could blame this on you but it`s most likely our crappy coding skills. You could try again or nudge our developpers for fixing this."
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