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  1. As the dutch saying goes: "Niet geschoten is altijd mis" Free translation: hé who dares wins twice. So I am in too, thanks man for opportunity. Bests Henkenator68NL
  2. Its a bummer that ALZA does only ship to few countries, unfortunatelly not to mine .. The Netherlands I would buy the KPC Inferno socket heater if they did...🤥
  3. When available ? And what is the price, plus postage to Netherlands. Cheers
  4. Hi Luumi! I think it not likely that I would OC those cards again. So maybe someone else might benefit more from it! One of my matrixes died suddenly, it was in use as gaming card. The OC card was connected, but the unlock switch was off... could it have been caused by the oc card? If you think not, i might be interested.
  5. Lol I have on to... and recently found 2 asus matrix platinum R9-290X (Other the oc card killed at least 2 of those similar cards. Whats your experience?
  6. Thanks! Your info was Spot on! Found everything exactly as you said. Install went fine after uninstall of GB3. Great info thanks mate!
  7. Thanks, All right, thats clear. Any reason hwbot Prime is dead? => maybe take it down from playstore? So where do I get Geekbench 3. Apk (The android version 3.4.1. Is no where to be found. If if find it there's something iffy with it = don't use it.. Any ideas or who has a save copy op the latest know Version 3.4.?
  8. Please add the following 2 Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android) devices: https://www.samsung.com/nl/smartphones/galaxy-s9/ Samsung Galaxy S9 Het gaat om deze Productnummers: SM-G960F Black 256GB, SM-G960F FZKHLUX, SM-G960F FZKHPHN Populaire specificaties Schermdiagonaal 5,8" Resolute 2960x1440 Serie besturingsysteem Android CPU/SoC Samsung Exynos 9 Octa (9810) Aantal cores 8 Processorsnelheid 2,9GHz Platform Exynos 5 Board universal 9810 Type Phablet Soc model Samsung Exynos9 (9810) Core architecture. - 4x ARM Cortex-A55@1794MHz, 4x Samsung M3 @2704MHz Proces: 10nm 64bit ARMv8-A Geheugengrootte 4GB Opslagcapaciteit 64GB GPU Vendor ARM Renderer Mali G72 Geheugenkaart (Mobiel) microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC Aantal some Dual Afmeting en gewicht: Lengte 147,7mm Breedte 68,7mm Dikte 8,5mm Gewicht (gram) 163g Kleur Zwart Bijzonderheden Camera op de achterkant heeft een dubbel diafragma, 1.5 en 2.4. Ook de cpu werkt met 4 cores op 1,7 en 4 cores op 2,7Ghz EAN 8801643276409, 8801643276430 SKU SM-G960BLACK256GB, SM-G960FZKHLUX, SM-G960FZKHPHN SM-G960 Black 256GB, SM-G960 FZKHLUX, SM-G960 FZKHPHN Samsung Galaxy S9+ Betreft deze specifieke productnummers: SM-G965F BLACK, SM-G965F FZKD, SM-G965F FZKDDBT, SM-G965F FZKDLUX, SM-G965F FZKDPHN Populaire specificaties Schermdiagonaal 6,2" Resolutie 2960x1440 Serie besturingsysteem Android 8 Dots per inch 531dpi Relatieve schermgrootte 83,6% Schermtype OLED CPU/SoC Samsung Exynos 9 Octa (9810) Aantal cores 8 Processorsnelheid 2,9GHz Platform Exynos 5 Board universal 9810 Type Phablet Soc model Samsung Exynos9 (9810) Core architecture. - 4x ARM Cortex-A55@1794MHz, 4x Samsung M3 @2704MHz Proces: 10nm 64bit ARMv8-A Geheugengrootte 6GB (LPDDR4X) Opslagcapaciteit 64GB GPU Vendor ARM Renderer Mali G72 Geheugenkaart (Mobiel), microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC Aantal sims Dual Cameraresolutie (achter) 12MP Resolutie sec. camera (achter) 12MP Cameraresolutie (voor) 8MP Camera-autofocus Ja Gsm-flitsertype Enkele led Ondersteunde videoresolutie 3840x2160 Mobiele netwerk: 2G - edge, 2G - gprs, 3G - hsdpa, 3G - hspa, 3G - hspa+, 3G - hsupa, 3G - umts, 4G - lte, Met WiFi Ja, 5GHz-ondersteuning Ja Afmetingen en gewicht Lengte 158,1mm Breedte 73,8mm Dikte . 8,5mm Gewicht (gram) 189g Kleur Zwart EAN 8801643143527, 8801643146283, 8801643146627, 8801643146696, 8801643193812 SKU SM-G965BLACK, SM-G965FZKD, SM-G965FZKDDBT, SM-G965FZKDLUX, SM-G965FZKDPHN
  9. Still looking for a trade? I think I might have the stick you are looking for. Let me know if your still interested and I will provide results and screenshots. I AM located in The Netherlands Bests Henk
  10. I can absolute conform that the Gigabyte Aorus Gaming Works perfectly.. up until recent always Asus motherboard,,, But since they didnt give a rats ass about loyal customers for the milionest time... I decided switch and try otter stuff. Gigabyte holds its end great. Takes sometime to find that setting where on Asus you did itblindly... But that is a matter of time. I am pretty impressed with hardware quality of Gigabyte sofar... and it is indeed 1 of few that could be a reliable power house for the X299 cpu's. Battle-X299_my_new_custom_built_rig.mp4
  11. Hi Benchers, Players, Puzzelers, Tweakers, Modders, OC-ers, fiddlers and all the rest of you : we are hardware abusing poor sodds - BIG bigtime Everynow and then -you'll ALL must have been down this godforsaken road of utter dispeare.. Your eyes still hurting form that short circuit that creatief a mind boggling arc of light so BRIGHT it actually burned your eyes like a welding torche.. While meanwhile you try to take only very-very-very shallow breaths, so that short circuit smell with its thick penetrating -stinging cloud of Fried circuits stuff triest to smuther you, almost making breathing impossibble .. Allas -Brothers and the odd Sister- we always seem to be able to kick ourselfs in the buts and get going again.. But the financials of these ordeals.. I cold have bought a brand new BMW M3 from this money pit.. But i still remain My socket 2011-3 , the X99 Asus Rampage V Extreme motherboard, has suffered from the above tales, leasing broke, with an expensive 5960X in my hands that wants to play, or at least no langer alienated from this buddies which he sees living there happy lives.. So who's got Asus Rampage V Extreme motherboard, which is fully functional-.?? Just the board, no accessoires needed, Who can make me happy , with a board, for a very conciderate price. That might fit my budget?? Henkenator68NL Living in Franeker in The Netherlands, so possibly also estimated post price. Thanks dudesssssss
  12. You are looking for just 1 GPU or a brunch of them?
  13. Desperate measures they say... I have been searching voor 1 1/2 year..... I just want an LN2 dewar in 20L range + a ln2 CPU pot. + maybe gpu pot?. Impossible Sofar. In the Nederlands.... nightmare.. Trade: juste an increadable 5820K. Interested. I'll send all full details in your mail. + a complete Rampage V Motherboard including all stuff. BIGG IF DELEVERY IN THE NETHERLANDS AT MY ADDRESS. ANYBODY?? IFF SO ILL POST FULL DETAILS INCLUSING DATE, TIME, PICTURES (REST ASSURED WEBSMILEY).. POSSIBLY ... MY BEST 5960X ON THE TRADING TABLE. btw if this post is at wrong subforum... I thought this gets more attention. Ps Price dewar max 200, pot 200 (?) Euro, PayPal, but best world be deal with closed wallet. 🤔🤗 Wish me Luck guys!!!
  14. For use of any old MSI Afterburner , that denies access of expiered date: use Nirsoft's: runAsDate. His site: RunAsDate v1.31 - Run a program with the specified date/time Copyright © 2007 - 2016 Nir Sofer Link RunAsDate - Run a program with the specified date/time Piece of advise: UNLY USE THE 32bit version (=working). Additionaly: 1. use settings as shown: 2. Use the create shortcut button. 3. Close RunAsDate. 4. Click right-button on the shortcut you made. Pick run as Administrator, otherwise it doesn't work.
  15. Hey guys, Please add latest Samsung mobile: the Galaxy S8 Serial: SM-G950F SoC (CPU): 8 cores/threads SoC-model: Samsung Exynos Octa 8895 (wrongly reported by cpu-z as 8890) SoC Family 4x ARM Cortex-A53 @1,69 GHz+4x Samsung Exynos M1 @2,31 GHz Process: 10nm (also wrongly reported by cpu-z) Display (GPU / LCD) LCD Resolution 2678 x 1440 pixels SoC Manufacturer ARM SoC Model Mali-G71 Cpu-z validation: CPU-Z VALIDATOR
  16. I think i might have at least the io shield for the M6E, maybe some other stuff also. unfortunately both board and oc panel are deadmeat
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