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  1. Nice!!! What SA/IO voltage was needed for that frequency?
  2. MOCF + these, nice looking combination. What was the voltage used for that 3500Mhz cl 11-10-10 combination on the R5E? LE: Now I've seen it's 1.75V, it seems they are strong memories.
  3. si ce ar trebui sa fac? cum limitez sa nu depasesc cei 2200 MB/s?
  4. Multumesc! Da, in sfarsit am reusit! Alex, spor la treaba si tie!
  5. Same here! LE: Done it! W8.1 build 9600 seems to have done the trick in my case! Now I can go back and live my life!
  6. Multumesc. Dar nu cred ca o sa reusesc si 742. Am un procesor care nu coopereaza. IMC cam slab, nu vrea CL 1
  7. I don't see anywhere for sale G.Skill 3600C16 so probably they are binned samples by G.Skill ( like Kingston's 3466 AFR's that never got retail? ).
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