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  1. Im pretty sure it wont be cheaper than Maximus XII Apex.
  2. Apex like always. Dark is pricy and usually EVGA boards have slow bios support to non existant.
  3. Can you make one bios like this but for Asrock Z170M OC Formula? Same thing ( with old CPU Micro-code ) also for Asrock Z170M OC Formula?
  4. Nice!!! What SA/IO voltage was needed for that frequency?
  5. MOCF + these, nice looking combination. What was the voltage used for that 3500Mhz cl 11-10-10 combination on the R5E? LE: Now I've seen it's 1.75V, it seems they are strong memories.
  6. si ce ar trebui sa fac? cum limitez sa nu depasesc cei 2200 MB/s?
  7. Multumesc! Da, in sfarsit am reusit! Alex, spor la treaba si tie!
  8. Same here! LE: Done it! W8.1 build 9600 seems to have done the trick in my case! Now I can go back and live my life!
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