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  1. Selling my 8700k. Tested only on my vapochill ss(crap ss) and it does spi32m 6ghz@1.4v and reaches poaitives even at that voltage. Idle was -44 as it is shown in video. On Aio (h100i corsair) it does 5.5@1.30v spi32m and video proof for it attached. Payment only by bank transfer or Wu,buyer pays the fees and the shipping. Price - 500€ Test was done on Mocf. Will post pictures with the actual item in a few hours,to finish work and reach the mancave.
  2. Great result ! Why not pushing on only 2/4 cores ?
  3. @Ground1556 - there is a big difference between binned kits of hyper and common ones like dom 2000 c8. For example at 2200 7-7-6-60-1T The Dom C8 made spi32m at 1.88v while my best stick of DomC7 needed only 1.70. If you are planning to stay a while on 1366/775/1156 than you should find a binned kit and forget about the rest.
  4. suzuki

    FS: cheap G.Skill B-die

    i think you just found yourself a buyer :))). We continue on private :D.
  5. suzuki

    socket 775 motherboards

    I take this one. 1 GIGABYTE GA-EP45T-UD3R (Rev. 1.0) DDr3 info with your pp,pls.
  6. suzuki

    Kingpincooling gear at half price

    I think there are different prices based on country. While i was ordering my kpc inferno heater and was listed for 78€ new, David (kicsipapucs ) sayd he has option for refurbished aswell, and i cannot see those options even now.
  7. suzuki

    Kingpincooling gear at half price

    My order came today from Alza shop, all look new besides the cpu pot which looks like a sh one,including the box. These marks inside,what do you guys think ?
  8. suzuki

    Strap Tweaks

    So much info over here. Thanks for the bump Bullant.
  9. Amazing effort and well deserved first place. congrats !
  10. suzuki

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Happy new year ! (In 30 mins )
  11. suzuki

    Kingpincooling gear at half price

    Couple of weeks ago when i checked for the inferno heater it was full price.
  12. suzuki

    Kingpincooling gear at half price

    Omg,so it was even cheaper ?
  13. https://www.alzashop.com/kingpin-cooling/18862275.htm Buy it while it lasts and it is in stock.