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  1. i have working ES Apex XII, need only radiators for cosmetic purposes,same with box and accesories,haha.
  2. I preffer with box and accesories but it's ok if it's only the board. Pm what you got.
  3. Just bought one today man, why are you not using whatsapp to send the news faster :))? Can be closed, ty for the space.
  4. Added few things, took out other ones. Please see first post for availability and pricing.
  5. One kit of Corsair sold, Last 2 sticks available.
  6. up Added few more, updated the post with the sold things.
  7. Offers via pm, i preffer full bundle but bulk is fine as well. Need it for a daily use project.
  8. Hey all. Trying to reduce my collection to normal proportion, i have too many stuff, some of them i never even touched. Starting with a few special items : 1. Gigabyte Z97 Soc Force Ln2 BNIB, with bartx adapter, special made to be compatible with some Aio, one of the latest batches he made upon request. Board comes in rma box, was never tested, will do that before shipping. Comes from Asus Spain to my knowledge. 400 Euro plus shipping. 2.2x2 2400c8 Psc kit,the one from Splave latest sale post. SOLD +shipping (added complete bundle, i received them bul
  9. I don’t speak it,but i understand many words. Also helps that my brother lives in Spain for 12 yrs + .
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