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  1. Go to any gsm service shop,you will get the job done fast and no headache. And you remain with a lot of money in your pocket.
  2. All the leds are working but no image on screen ?
  3. This is massive ! spectacular results you have with that 9900k, went to the right person to use it. You should frame this score, awesome feat to have.
  4. Bro,how you are able to bench in single channel with tight timings ? I thought that was not possible anymore since impact viii. Is there a trick ? Which slot works best?
  5. No, i think board has degraded. In my recent testing i could get only 4000 12-11-11 with both 7350k and 8700k. I still need to test it with other cpu’s ,just to be sure.
  6. So you don’t have it anymore? How these cpus are sold on hwbot instead of hwbot beats me,should be 300€ + cpu easy.
  7. Did anyone of you noticed if the board degrades over time ? (Same settings not working with same hardware) ?
  8. I heard the same from 2 different french oc-ers i have in my friends list when i reserved something on his topic, made me change my mind,thanks god :). sorry Nox,to hear about this.
  9. I never owned a gtx2 kit but i was under the impression they are better bin than dom c7, but most of my c7 sticks can do better than those results. I guess it’s really about luck and how many you bin in the end.
  10. I have 2 of this, need to post a FS soon. This topic just made a 60 € boost in price :)).
  11. You should see the dead ones, 3 times more than what he has for sale :))).
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