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  1. The way of hwbot to celebrate returning members :D. Gj bro,you are close to what i estimated. Why you don’t push it in 2c only or just 1 for spi1m ?
  2. Maybe that cpu shines even on older boards,we will never know. Vrm can play an important role in freq and stability,not to mention that evga killed cpu’s in the past with the spikes in voltage untill they released proper bios. Training ram,proper rtls and tertiary,max freq with same latencies i would like to see. The best way are to be compared under ln2 and after ,if there is time, a short test on ambient :).
  3. I am curious about this,but difficult to find someone who is not sponsored and has both in storage. Same test and hardware ,only difference to be the board. Both ambient and ln2.
  4. suzuki

    G.Skill DDR4 B-Die 4220c12-11+ & Besi Cpu Pot

    Great prices !
  5. I think he is asking about a hard mod ,pictures and stuff not to lecture another forum for 3 days. I modded a few os and post it over here without asking users to go through the same ordeal as i did and other users did the same.
  6. I don’t have Ht with 0094 on 8700k,any ideea why ? Ram oc is poor only on CFL,i cannot go past 3866 12-11-11 on same bios,but with 7350k/7700k i can do 4200 12-11-11 easy.
  7. @T.Rex - is it on ambient or chiller ? What temps in idle ? My old cpu - don’t remember to whom i sold it,maybe obscureparadox. Aircooling
  8. Not the best on ambient but it shines on cold
  9. suzuki

    [FS] Apex X Apex IX MOCF's

  10. Luumi was pulverized :)). Great score and cpu,keep them coming.
  11. @avalanche - please stop. Report if you consider so,there are moderators for this reason, but stop beeing toxic. This week you we’re on top of every submission he made,for the love of God , stop.
  12. suzuki

    Looking for Elpida Hypers

    How damage are they ? In fact,how you managed to kill all of them ,what went wrong?
  13. suzuki

    Samsung DDR3 G-die

    Need to bookmark this topic. Thanks Stefan for the bump.