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  1. We are preparing for April’s fool . if any of this gets approved hwbot will collapse :)).
  2. Or pay 20$ monthly for extreme subs made by someone else (boosting service).
  3. 150$ lootbox with 3dmark2001 tweak,Teamau is the first buyer :)).
  4. suzuki

    [FS] 9900k boxed 5.2 1.328V

    Guys,please leave the price for futher reference,even on market rules it says you are not allowed to remove the price after sale.
  5. @bolc -when it comes to such things, I have 2 left legs instead of hands,why risk it when I already know my potential ? :)). Will go to a local service and point out what they have to do, same with the mocf mod for coffee lake cpu's,
  6. I am afraid to mod the cpu or motherboard :)). will sacrifice a Ud3R which i have and works with ddr2,at least to have an ideea about what my cpu’s can do ,this are the only ones on skt 775 which are not tested.
  7. This will make L3014 very cheap in the future. No way the xeon can catch a ddr3 run.
  8. suzuki

    [PC] shipping between De & GR

    Can be closed :).
  9. suzuki

    The Purge™

    From what i remember,i bought the last 2 from him. Unless he has other ones. This topic needs an update.
  10. What value you put in bios for this run ?
  11. In cpuz cause i cannot find ever in this damn xtu settings the actual voltage :)).
  12. What is the real voltage used for this freq ?
  13. @Luumi is looking through the sandbag folder and cannot find anything better than this :)). Congrats bud,nice start for the avalanche of L3014 scores which will come with this country cup !
  14. suzuki

    [FS-US] Maximus VIII Hero, EVGA 1000 G2, DDR3

    Every time you are complaining you are low on money,you finally gathered some nice hardware which you can use with a simple mod to the best extent for the last 4 generations of cpus and you choose to sell for a 3 times more expensive mobo which will have similar results. keep the bdie and the rmobo and make the best of them,don’t chase unicorns with a low budget.
  15. suzuki

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    I have 2 untested :)). Leave it be bolc,i think there are more than 50 people with this types of cpu in the closet.