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  1. Can be closed, thank you.
  2. Shipped in Eu, overclock doesn’t matter, will be used in a daily pc. Waiting offers via pm. I prefer to be from 2950x up , but will see other offers as well.
  3. Really nice the server,i hope more people will join.
  4. Next level CPU :) . Wonder what it can do on Phase or dice/Ln2. Keep up the good scores Don;t push too much the voltages not to break it.
  5. suzuki

    The Purge™

    My favourite topic now active again. May the purge begin :D.
  6. Many thanks! Need to push more as i stopped here for eff check. voltage is 1.51 on cpu, 2v on ram.
  7. It actually matters to me now,haha. Please edit/change to 2017. Best regards !
  8. There are differences even between same series of boards(binned z270 for better voltage and ram freq,same for z370 and impact,although z370 was solid for ram oc). There were even 50 mv difference on the same voltage and settings. I have a friend who is not overclocker,he binned 5xAsus Apex 10 for his daily pc,minimum voltage.
  9. I don’t know what you guys smoking,but what you set in bios is the real voltage. I like Mahaudi,i have nothing against him,i am actually inclined to buy this cpu as i have a shittier one, but this cpu will not do 5.4@1.28 on any other board(i have all of them). Llc6 is the closest to the real voltage,Dark with it’s llc system it’s a joke. Happy new year !!!
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