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  1. Hey all. Trying to reduce my collection to normal proportion, i have too many stuff, some of them i never even touched. Starting with a few special items : 1. Gigabyte Z97 Soc Force Ln2 BNIB, with bartx adapter, special made to be compatible with some Aio, one of the latest batches he made upon request. Board comes in rma box, was never tested, will do that before shipping. Comes from Asus Spain to my knowledge. 400 Euro plus shipping. 2.2x2 2400c8 Psc kit,the one from Splave latest sale post. 300Euro +shipping (added complete bundle, i received them
  2. I don’t speak it,but i understand many words. Also helps that my brother lives in Spain for 12 yrs + .
  3. Such a pleasure to read Spanish. I understood everything except this part :”numero1 en hwbot”. Chispy,if he starts speaking Catalana you will be lost, i was in Spain in the mountains, near Tarragona and couldn’t understand a word.
  4. That z77 oc formula should dissapear fast.
  5. What he posted in the past are spi32m at 5.4@1.45ghz all cores and spi1m at 5.5@1.50v. Delided,Liquid metal, no posibility to test now even if it works on stock freq. Stock volts can be anything,even 1.45v,nothing is sure and no cpuz with the values is shown.
  6. Hi, 4790k 5ghz@1.24 2c wprime32 5ghz not possible up to 1.35v,although it has good temps,max i got was 41% from wprime 1024 4.9 finishes just fine, so core is not degraded just has scalling issues with full core. Price 180 Euro 4670k weak core, 5 ghz possible on ambient on 2c ,up to 1.35v from what i remember. Strong imc, 2933 9-12-12 no issues. Price 90 Eur G3258 no1 - sold Good imc, great for low clock chalenges. G3258 no2 Banana core, imc handels 2800 + samsung Price 15 Eur G3220 Price 10 Eur Good to test
  7. The only reason i didn’t freeze a kit so far is that i coudn’t remove damn heatspreaders. I consider that i paid 300$ for that service and not the item itself :)).
  8. Hey guys, For trade the best 4790k i got out of 6 pieces recently. Core is very strong, 5 ghz@1.22 v in 2c wprime32 and 5 ghz@1.25/6 wprime 1024. IMC i was able to bench 2950 9-12-12 very tight. Testing was done on z97 Oc Formula, Cpu input voltage at 1.71v ,ambient 20 degrees,cooling AIO. If the new owner can relid it properly, will gain 10 degrees lower than what i obtained and maybe better results. I want to trade with similar 4770k/3770k.or very good 2600k/2700k. Offers via PM.
  9. suzuki

    Fluke 52 II

    Title: Fluke 52 II Description: Used, Bulk Price: 160€+ shipping Shipping Options: EU with tracking Payment: Bank Transfer/Paypal(fee covered) Photos:
  10. There is a queue ,apparently there is a long list of people wanting it :D.
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