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  1. Interested in no1,waiting for picture with proof.
  2. Many thanks for the kind words. It was a journey to discover how my cpu/ram works in benches, unfortunatellly the imc is not that great on this cpu and limits me to bench as you saw. From what i understood from former owner, it unlocks once it reaches -150 but that is out of my reach. Last 2 benchmarks on to do list are gpupi 1B and x265 4k and next to the big papa 8700k which should have some big numbers in him.
  3. Maybe on core, but not imc. Will see after i finish with 9900k and put on test 8700k how good it is on ss.
  4. I don’t think anyone suggested that i would’ve cheat :D. Thanks for the apreciations,now i feel bad that i didn’t try to push more. @Fasttrack Was win xp,posted over here with full usb support and wazza was done manually,as damn ocx spitweaker didn’t work for some reason.Need a cold night and 6.3 is possible.
  5. Need to rebench in any case, couldn't figure out the ram settings for the run, on pretest 5 ghz i was at 5:53.500 which is way slower than it was supposed to be. Loose ram. Sorry, on big resolution it is better as you can zoom and is clearly visible, on mobiles not as much.
  6. You couldn’t find someone to build a custom ss or chiller till now ? Since april, at least 2 units were for sale.
  7. You didn’t sold it on forum, private deals usually get bad price. Make a pc topic, you will see the interest shown for the hardware before you put a for sale post
  8. Can someone translate the above sp codes ?
  9. Good job Nik, awesome seeing you going next level with Ln2.
  10. i think sandbag is not allowed anymore, which is a shame as it is a great result .
  11. Ss is not extreme cooling, acording to the def of hwbot :D. Nice initiatice, gl with the contest!
  12. Your reject Rex works 650 spi32m ? I understand you have 6 more for sale, pm me.
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