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  1. 13.Evga Z390 Dark. Complete package. Reserved^
  2. Doesn't matter who had that board before you, you made it your slave and it serves you well, haha. Crazy fsb, crazy scores and gear.
  3. Sorry, i don't have such a kit, can you clarify what you mean? No1 was sold long time ago. Post is updated, there are many other things in "stock" but no time whatsoever to test/sell them.
  4. Ram and board gone, edited first post, more to come after weekend.
  5. Video for mambo no 5.
  6. Maybe put some effort in sandy as well, finding a way to bypass the freq wall would ve great :). Great result!
  7. Was a solid 5550 2c, going to 5570 boot in windows, at 1.55v. 5500 all cores.
  8. No 3 and 7 are sold, pending shipping. No 12 pending payment, added 2500k to the deal. The rest are up for grabs, more items will be added after Easter holidays.
  9. Check my topic, have one full package, including benchtable.
  10. What is considered to be a ridiculous price?
  11. Fking hell. Needed 15 years for someone to play it right :D. Congrats, huge discovery. Wish to know if you can apply same principles to rex or other boards.
  12. I think it's about time to put it on ln2 :D Glad you sorted out the 1000 bugs cpu comes with :)).
  13. Like coming to a competition with a motorcycle with sidecar and complaining the other ones should do the same, instead of getting of it all the unnecesarry stuff, and be light.
  14. Added things. Post updated.
  15. Well done mate, i see your struggle finally paid off, now you can take a break a couple of years, haha.
  16. i have working ES Apex XII, need only radiators for cosmetic purposes,same with box and accesories,haha.
  17. I preffer with box and accesories but it's ok if it's only the board. Pm what you got.
  18. Just bought one today man, why are you not using whatsapp to send the news faster :))? Can be closed, ty for the space.
  19. Added few things, took out other ones. Please see first post for availability and pricing.
  20. One kit of Corsair sold, Last 2 sticks available.
  21. up Added few more, updated the post with the sold things.
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