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  1. Its not troll the reason Trouffman. I believe this discussion raising because people try to justify some choice... about the MOA winner (Gunslinger) not be able to go. If he has valid scores to that competition I believe this discussion was never started.
  2. I am not an active member, but will tell soms important things to consider. About rbuass case. The question is? And if rbuass didn't get the score???... and every hard overclocker knows its usual... because hardware cannot reach the same, or not working or any thing? Now rbuass has been called as cheater or liar...and it wouldn't be happen. About Gunslinger I think the best way is to go the next score, because is quite obvious. Then, for my recommendation is, There are no sense to keep 1 place per country, simply because qualifier shoud be to select the best overclockers. If there are only a Global qualifier, we will see much more scores, much more disputes and much more nice event. If MSI turn as mandatory a video, it will prevent also all kind of issues. No more problem with countries No more problem with hardware sharing No more problem with scores that don't have official validation Looks easier that to confront again and again this kind of issues.
  3. Congratz to the winners. IMHO the qualifiers may be to select the best overclockers (or even hard workers) in any region. The correct, and the rules inform that is needed to have a validation link. For me, if Gunslinger (better, Futuremark) can comprove the score is valid, he did effort himself to go, and got the scores to go. But if MSI and HWBOT keep as mandatory, and cannot accept the score without validation, the place NEED to be from gnidaol. He got the best scores, and made more effort to go. Sorry, but is completely non sense get one per country in that situation. There are plenty of mistakes (imho again). Why 2 places to USA and 1 to other countries? Why MSI undervalue the brazilian overclockers. We have rbuass,, and more gnidaol, Joe90Br, Darkvenom, and we sent more scores and more people joined the competition. What stupid rule can give a place to the last one??? And please. If Gunslinger get a place, what I think is correct because he worth, IS NOT FAIR he choose who will go. Simply. Or MSI and Hwbot aceept the Gunslinger score, or Gnidaol is the right guy to go. Brazil had 151 points and 4 members USA had 136 points and 4 members why USA had 2 places and all other countries just 1? Ok... the rule is valid, but IF there are no valid score to MOA.... THERE ARE NO RULE to replace the competitor.
  4. Why terrible Nacho. Looks a good card, and if you have good CPU, almost sure will represent Argentina at MOA. Good lucky... one per country and you deserve the place for sure.
  5. That's an amazing job, and you must consider as World Record. You do it only, without support. That's different than great overclockers like Kingpin and Andre. I can tell you I'm a Kingpin fan, but atm you killed. Further look for 50 points among 51500 is really a little. Congratz
  6. I just went to rbuass events, and can tell to all tha's the most funniest overclocking event ever.
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