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  1. all the stages seem to be broken in the submission rules i mean just to be non-partisan look at time spy stage for USA http://hwbot.org/search/submissions/permalink?ids=3981805,3977017,3983075,3985937,3976725 i mean i'm sure theres more messed up but surely setting up the stages correctly will reduce your guy's hard work in removing bad subs later...
  2. well that is fixed but by GPU family on the stage isn't as we now have two RTX 2080 Ti scores counting into our top 5 average while the top score only for Turing should be counted..
  3. @Leeghoofd on CC Stage 10 (time spy) its miss-configured right now as SCORING METHOD: TOP 1 AVERAGE should be top 5 if i recall?
  4. fixed, luckily i never closed anything on the laptop so was able to salvage the run sorry about that!
  5. I'll take em if you can wait till Friday for payment, i've been needing to get another b-die kit anyways and would rather get something known to be decent and help a bro out but gotta wait till i get paid no worries either way @Splave side note team USA discord is active for CC if you wanna drop in and say Hi
  6. /ah right indeed forgot about the 600/700 thing. in any event must be by card series 6xx/7xx/9xx/10xx/20xx though because that is how the hwbot database is setup and I don't think cards under 6xx can even run TS Extreme, i know my 780 Ti was barely able to do it and basically all textures were just glitches due to not having enough VRAM to run the bench properly.. in related news it looks like that same stage is miss configured because our team (USA) now has 4/5 subs and two of them that are counting are 10xx series cards so something to look into when you get time @Leeghoofd
  7. it's the same thing either way you look at it
  8. I think its like i said a few days ago, most likely for some reason they have the stage set to only allow one sub per architecture code-name even though it does not state so in the rules. this is the only thing that i can think of that seems to fit what i see in every teams scores, everyones top 3 is some combination of 1x coffee lake, kabylake-S, kabylake-X and skylake, none ever have two kabylake-s subs counting even if they have a 2nd lower kabylake-s sub that will beat out a sub from one of the other architectures.
  9. The other possibility i notice is that this stage is taking into account for some reason the cpu architecture codenames perhaps as there is no sub with multiple scores in the top 3 with the same arch, exception being kabylake-s(7700k etc) and kabylake-x (7740x) this would also explain why both our team (r/overclocking) and MLG are encountering the issue as both of us have 7700k subs that beat out the 7350k sub
  10. we just tested this in r/overclocking, @unityofsaintshad a low 7350k sub and @yosarianilives has our high one that is not counting, unity deleted his sub and so far no change, i believe perhaps it is specific to 7350k subs and the algorithm is not dividing the 7350k by 2 as it should as its a dual core CPU and thus its getting tossed out by anything that is a quad core or above?
  11. ??? what the heck lmao whos vanno, anyways @richba5tard or @Leeghoofd ever sense the move to these forums my hwbot site account vs here has been screwed up, maybe my fault because i somehow had two hwbot accounts under frito and frito11 (never used frito11, forgot password or something and made frito. anyways if you can sort it out whenever you have time Frito should be my one and only account across all hwbot things.
  12. not possible on any Z270 motherboard, only some Z170 motherboards with old bios's can do this.
  13. sad to see you leave Michael, you have been very fair IMHO and a great moderator in general from what i have seen in my relatively short time here on the bot, Alby i've seen you stepping it up in past months and you'r doing very well so please do keep it up! Also to you and the remaining staff if help is needed reach out, i'm not in a position to volunteer necessarily but i know there are others active on here that may be willing to help so if help is needed it can i'm sure be found! best to everyone and I hope the OC scene can continue to be a fun and interesting hobby for everyone that participates!
  14. great comp everyone! I really enjoyed learning the ropes of LN2 on small pascal cards and look forward to and am more comfortable with trying on bigger cards in the coming future as a result! now if only the miners would go away so gpu prices can become realistic once again..
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