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  1. it's been awhile, there are records out there since ryzen 3000 launch I think it's not hard to figure out there are mis readings of ryzen 3000's memory speed up to 5.1GHz which barely there is no single one software can particularly report it right people choose not to say or take advantage from it, used for marketing or competition, some may presented for companies last week I take a chance to check out those weird results, and double check with some softwares and oscilloscope, and found out those softwares are truly broken and fail to report the right frequencies as you can see from attached pitcures, all software except ryzen master are reporting the wrong clock and they still can pass cpuz validation which means software fail to report correctly though, rzyen master is not always right, becasue it can't detect the out side BCLK, once you jump up the BCLK rzyen master only reads the memory clock at 100MHz here is the validation I just add to show CPUz's buggy memory frequency CPUz shows 5.916GHz, but actually it's 55*102 not 58*102 https://valid.x86.fr/qx3ezm
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