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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I see an usb-stick next to the slot-processor in your movie
  2. Great job, my BH6 isn't gonna make such FSB! BTW. Did u make a usb-connection on your board on that particular spot?
  3. Here is the thread to post on: http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?t=41147 I noticed it too, that something is wrong with the link on the competition page
  4. Just a quick question, does it matter with which CPUz version you entry this competition? edit: I think there is something wrong with the link to this thread on the competition page: http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?t=41362 If you click on it, you go to an empty thread where you are the first to enter a post
  5. Just a graphic bug: The picture on this page says socket lga1366 instead of socket 370
  6. Ticket ID: 877 Priority: Low When on this page (for example) http://hwbot.org/community/team/o.t.h__overclock_team_holland_\r\n\r\nand clicking on ranGschikking teammembers, I go to the page where it says: choose team. There I pick the team again, and again nothing happens.
  7. Ticket ID: 876 Priority: Low Today I entered some scores where I wanted to mention that the sdram used was by manufacturer KingMAX. Your database says: No Matches.\r\n\r\nPS I didn\'t know where to put it, so I choose bug report
  8. In deze post doe ik het precies andersom als hierboven today_news.you.can.broadcast.your.own.overclocking.sessions.live.using.fre.services.like=You can zelf een overclocking sessie uitzenden gebruik makende van -> Je kan user_you.will.receive.notifications.when.you.gain.or.lose.cups.points.or.achievements.title=Je wordt op de hoogte gebracht wanneer je punten, trofeeën or verdiensten wint. -> of En die van de Rangschikking op de team pages kan ik zo gauw niet vinden. Zie mijn post in het bugs topic.
  9. Sorry I forgot about the translation page, that's of course where this should be
  10. When I am on this page and click on rangschikking leden, I go to 'Pick a team' and a can pick any team but OTH. This other Dutch team doesn't have a ranGschikking. I believe there are more teams, that are missing this G. Per example: Pure
  11. On all benchmark pages with the world records. The tab headers start with a capital , all but the one from 'world records' (i.e. in Dutch) * Info * Regels * Download * world records * Rankings
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