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  1. Bump for a great friend,
  2. Chiller and RAM sold to Comanso. Please delete topic I will start another when I get more pictures and prices.
  3. Hi yes at the time I bought it I was so into OC, I also bought most of Poparamiros GPUs also unused, such a shame a lot of fun was to be had. I need to list all the other gear too.
  4. Price reduction on chiller £75 last price drop before I strip it and sell the pump and antifreeze, I just wanted someone having the step up from water to enjoy this unit which works flawlessly.
  5. Please remove I have made another thread which I will add to later.
  6. For sale my chiller -31 under load and holds all day, £150 NOW £75 collected, everything included minus blocks. Blocks can be purchased separately. G.Skill 4000 Websmile top bin Websmiles own pics shown, I never got to run this RAM as I stopped OC just after buying it, cost me 360 Euro plus shipping I spoke to Websmile who says it is worth a lot of money still. Yours for 325 Euro plus shipping.
  7. Come on guys make me an offer, the parts alone stand me over £250 I am looking to let it go to help another enthusiast without all the pains of making something that actually works. If whom ever buys it are interested all of my OC gear is also for sale, just don't have the time to list it all. Make me an offer under £200.
  8. Hi there I have an 8 pack 5ghz water cpu I could run it on cold water at 5.625g https://hwbot.org/submission/4281091_kimandsally_3dmark03_geforce_gtx_1080_279858_marks This should be perfect for you.
  9. Hi guys huge price reduction now £200 from £300
  10. Hi I never thought to say I can deliver it but I will need the fuel money on top of the price, and I will need a strong person or 2 to get it out of my car. A really nice piece of kit that will do any modern gear without a doubt,
  11. kimandsally

    Selling up

    Items will be added as I have the time. !st I have my own built chiller it holds minus 29-31 running my 9900K and a 1080 GTX it holds about 20 gallons of coolant so it never gets hotter no matter how long it runs. This is collect only and you will need to have something sizable as it is 2 units that have to be kept together otherwise there is a risk of losing the gas in the chiller. £300 collected only.The heatsinks are not included in the sale,
  12. As always a super kind and helpful guy, I have to say the best friend I ever have had in this community, put simply an amazing human being.
  13. Hi I have stopped OC so need to sell my gear one is a nice 9900K it does 5.5g on cine 15 https://hwbot.org/submission/4070840_kimandsally_cinebench___r15_core_i9_9900k_2426_cb What I would like ideally is to swap for a low bin 9900K and some cash. The rest of my gear will take forever to list, I had a buying spree before I had to give in,
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