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  1. I agree apart from the Elite, Elite gives the XOC guys something to aim for Elite is the F1 of overclocking we need Elite. Elite doesn't mean free these guys work hard for what they get, I wouldn't want to ever be Elite I couldn't put in the time required to get the parts. Its always the same in life the grass is always greener.
  2. I use cold water the best I have ever had is + 2c no load and 10c under load, I moved over to apprentice because its the right thing to do, I intend to build a chiller and that will probably be the coldest I will go. I enjoy seeing how many people I can beat who use LN2 that is my fun don't really care where I am in the standings. Here is the problem I face in Team and Country cups I have very little chance to contribute because all the top scores are taken by the guys who use cooler methods. Quote Jumper118 Unless there is a law in your country saying you cant buy dice or ln2 then you are choosing to be slow. Its as simple as that. Its like turning up to and f1 race and saying, look guys i am only going to run 4cyl even though you are running v8, you should make my own special class so i can be a winner too. This is ridiculas HWBOT has always been huge majority enthusiasts XOC and Elite together account for 1% of the Enthusiasts, if the majority packed in then I doubt HWBOT could exist on Elite and XOC. Elite league (231 participants) Extreme league (1942 participants) Apprentice league (1506 participants) Enthusiast league (204465 participants) Novice league (34676 participants)> Rookie league (11171 participants)
  3. I can see us losing a lot of people if it is made into 2 or 3 leagues, of course XOC people will disagree but you are a minority I am not knocking anyone but some people simply cannot afford LN2 or circumstances dictate they can't use it. People in other categories signed up for that and move on as they learn or desire to go to other cooling methods, these people are the backbone of HWBOT Elite and XOC are the minority but XOC members frequent this forum a lot more percentage than the lower leagues most won't even know this is taking place. I sit on the fence with this at this time I'm using cold water but have intentions of using better cooling in which case it would put me into another league anyway, what I would say is before alienating the majority of members send them an email to vote or to come over and have a look.
  4. Thanks to Nick Splave and Mllrkllr88 for the development of this for the benefit of the community.
  5. Bad news then, I did flush out and gently blow out with compressed air, my board is pristine only use water never been cold and no insulation, I think it's had less than 20 hours for sure maybe only 10. I just got a RMA from Asus to fix it, I was wondering if it was worth having a refund (the dealer has offered me a full refund) and modding the Apex IX that I have. Does the Apex IX Z270 work the RAM as efficiently as the Apex X? I notice pretty much all the top scores using a 8700K was using the Apex X. Any opinions welcome as I have a couple of days before I have to make my mind up.
  6. I have a problem where RAM lost all settings then after reboot gave CC error, I did a BIOS flashback which did nothing I then changed through 3 sets of RAM and 2 CPU's everything still gave error CC. I found that with 1 stick of RAM in outer slot it boots but nothing I have found will let me boot 2 sticks. I checked CPU socket and all pins look perfect no bent or burnt pins. Is there a way to get past this or does it need to be sent to Asus? I also noticed this motherboard is no longer on sale are there so many problems that it has stopped being made?
  7. kimandsally

    Guys from uk, i require your help

    Hi there let me know what you want I will try to help you.
  8. Keep it going mate truly fantastic score.
  9. kimandsally

    Price check

    How much is a MOCF in mint condition with all accessories box not insulated never been cold. 7350K 4.9 pretested Caseking Roman CPU again never been cold so no idea of LN2 speeds. Thank you.
  10. kimandsally

    B-die; Coffeelake cpus, vintage gpus

    I'll take no 1 please would you send me payment details.