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  1. I was just looking at Geekbench3 - Multi Core 12xCPU Ranking just as an example, 1st place 112 pts, 2nd 86.7 3rd 56 pts and so on it's not until you get down to 6th place that things start to look better. AMD are doing great things and it would be nice if more benchers bought the platform, but who would want to lay out £500 when you cannot score any worthwhile points with it. Is there something that could be done so that more people would want to take up benching? Like make the drop in scores much less? I don't expect this to go well with everyone but surely it would create more co
  2. I have been friends with miller for a few years now and the help he has given me is unbelievable, every bit of card modding I have done has been via the help of David, this guy deserves a medal, my memory (brain) is shot I'm at the stage even if I write notes then I forget where I've put them. Poor Miller helps me over and over to grasp how to mod. People like Splave and Miller are the backbone of this community. Thanks for all you help.
  3. Bump for a HIGHLY trusted seller buy with confidence.
  4. These are great drives pretty much the best behind the Samsung but he is not charging Samsung prices either. Great buy from a great seller.
  5. kimandsally

    Apex X1

    Sold to GTI Jason.
  6. kimandsally

    Apex X1

    Only used a few hours all as new boxed, never been cold. £250 plus shipping.
  7. Hi mate thanks, I'm just playing to find the settings, not gone proper chilled yet I'm @ 15c + so plenty to come I hope.
  8. as title Wanted EVGA Classified E759 waterblock any make EK Bitspower or koolance
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