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  1. Keep it going mate truly fantastic score.
  2. kimandsally

    Price check

    How much is a MOCF in mint condition with all accessories box not insulated never been cold. 7350K 4.9 pretested Caseking Roman CPU again never been cold so no idea of LN2 speeds. Thank you.
  3. kimandsally

    B-die; Coffeelake cpus, vintage gpus

    I'll take no 1 please would you send me payment details.
  4. kimandsally

    (FS)G.Skill B-die

    Bump for a great seller/person
  5. kimandsally

    Vantage GPUs (modded)

    You have PM
  6. kimandsally

    Crazy CPU load

    I have been Using ublock origin which worked fine until yesterday now it's loading the CPU up again. Is this the same for you?
  7. kimandsally

    Good 8700K 5,5G R15 @1,42v!!

    You have PM
  8. kimandsally

    [FS] 3x EVGA gtx 580 Classified

    Great cards there.
  9. kimandsally

    Crazy CPU load

    What is causing the super high CPU load when I am on this forum? Using Chrome on my laptop on this forum 92% load using any other website always 3%. It's like the site is using my laptop to do something???
  10. Great score mate all that hard work paying off :-)
  11. kimandsally

    HWBOT Rev 7 info

    I think I am confused here? I thought a revision was done either in 2017 or late 2016, and another in 2015? Would you have the dates or the revisions please? Maybe as I've been on HWBOT since Jan 2007 I have the dates mixed up??