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  1. Safe? Where's the fun in that? C6H EC revival (thank you Elmor):
  2. My C6H is unresponsive. BIOS update failed. Flashback didnt help. Pressing PWR or any other button motherboard doesn't power up. Where can I find the EC ROM file to try and fix it? Thank you. // UPDATE Re-Flashed EC EEPROM with new EC ROM via external SPI programmer and C6H is alive again.
  3. Oops, looks like tiny little capacitor C2009 also got hit closer to the south.
  4. I have found only 3 SMD caps, but I cannot find the resistors. Can somebody please measure their resistance ?
  5. Hi. While installing a cpu cooler it slipped from my hand and fell on the backside of an Asus RX470 Strix card. As far as I can tell it tore off the solder (and thankfully not PCB copper pads) about 6 SMDs. Can somebody please share or measure the parts missing on the attached picture? Much appreciated. J
  6. There is nothing better for Nehalem CPUs than Otti's pots.
  7. Aerou

    [EU] EVGA SR2

    This is a beautiful beast. I would love to run and carefully tease it, if for nothing, then at least out of nostalgia. The price is a bit steep for me though. Let me know if you would change your mind about it.
  8. Clever. Can you send it to my email "aerou at hwbot dot org" , please ? Sent from my MI 5 using Tapatalk
  9. Hi! I got the particular BIOS with Extra Performace menu by directly contacting SuperMicro Support. They are very kind and responsive. You can do so yourself (and maybe even get a newer BIOS) or I can send you the C09 version I have.
  10. Hey fellow overclockers! Would someone share an airbnb with me for the world tour? - I am not bringing HW gear with me, but I could help someone with insulation, LN2, soldering etc.
  11. Did you delid it? Or any other HW mods? High voltage? Try it in different motherboard?
  12. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1209396 Anyone who wants to give it a try?
  13. It is set at 1.4Vcore and LLC5
  14. Thanks for the BIOSes. It really is a joy to push cheap chips into highend performance:
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