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  1. My C6H is unresponsive. BIOS update failed. Flashback didnt help. Pressing PWR or any other button motherboard doesn't power up. Where can I find the EC ROM file to try and fix it? Thank you.


    // UPDATE Re-Flashed EC EEPROM with new EC ROM via external SPI programmer and C6H is alive again.

  2. This is a beautiful beast. I would love to run and carefully tease it, if for nothing, then at least out of nostalgia. The price is a bit steep for me though. Let me know if you would change your mind about it. ;)

  3. A word of advice. I pushed 1.85-1.88v through my 6320 on ln2, just like i've been doing on my 6700ks. CPU got heavily degraded after just one hour of benching. Now it performs like 700mhz lower on ln2...

    Be careful with volts on these chips!



  4. Hi guys.


    Where can I find BIOS for Supermicro H170 or Z170 boards?


    I want to to try and boost my i5-6400, but the boards have old BIOSes and I can't find any new online.


    If anyone knows where to find them, can you please post a link?


    I see DHENZJHEN running November BIOS and then a December BIOS, so I guess he got it somewhere.


    I have October BIOS and the whole Extra Performance Menu is missing.


    Help would be very appreciated ;)




    GOT it! :)




  5. Hmm. Guess I panicked too soon. Something was wrong with the BIOS. CMOS clear didnt help.


    But after reprogramming with the i7 6700K all works fine , even the i5 6400. BIOS 113 works, 120 works and 141 works.


    All is good now.


    Quite odd though. Maybe during components swapping, moving around , touching the MB etc., some electric charge got to the the BIOS chips and messed up some code, which caused it to derp with i5 but not i7 K?

  6. Sounds like it didn't fully clear the CMOS values.


    Dont think so. CMOS cleared right after LN2 session over. And about million frustrating times since then :P


    I isolated it down to a CPU/motherboard combo. I have another i7 6700K to test and an Asus M8G.


    For some reason i5 6400 + Z170 xpower cant reboot, stuck at 00 or 30.


    But if I swap for an i7 6700K the same Z170 xpower reboots normally.

    The i5 6400 that cant reboot on the xpower works fine and reboots on Asus M8G.

  7. Did this happen to anyone with this board? :


    I did a quick 30minute LN2 session on 6700K (just for an exhibition). Well insulated, nothing got frosty except for the pot, obviously. Warmed it up, deinsulated, cleaned. Tested with the same 6700K, all fine. Now I come home, pop in an i5 6400 CPU and it cannot reboot/reset. Straight from the poweron it shows "00" postcode, sometimes "30". I have to power off psu, let it discharge, switch PSU on again and then it boots fine. What the hell?


    I am very careful with hardware and I really cant recall doing anything that could cause this effect. The board seems fine in oter aspects / once it boots it passes all stability tests and all devices and peripherals work.

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