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  1. ...not bad for Dice 😁 Maybe with Cascade @ -110 6.4+ ghz is possible!
  2. Yes, i enable EXTREAME TWEAKING option and also TURBO BOOST MODE...now seems to work, no stop during bench 01. To try with single stage and Cascade. Seems 9600KF is no good...Required 1.45v for 5ghz with AIO cooling.
  3. Thanks Mike! I'm using 0094 bios with a 9600KF and if i set multi in BIOS than is setting also in XP. It's strange perhaps, 3dmark01 start but than It blocks during loading first bench. I try @ 4.8-5.0ghz, nothing. If i start the bench @ default (4.3ghz) works fine. I don't understand where is the problem.
  4. ...nice to see is efficiente also with XP32, congrats for result as always mate!
  5. ...nice frequency for single stage ;) Do you try It on cold? Maybe 5.7+ with Cascade
  6. OK, i think it's the same tool that i tried but with GTX 580 no drivers compatible for now. I check this 388.71 but anything. The search continue azz...
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