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  1. Both systems are very far apart, I can not do something else, it is very possible your system.
  2. I deleted the submision with dice but with no displays Enthusiast league.
  3. for the Enthusiast League may attach screenshot system (foto)for submissions that I have way or should start from the beginning?
  4. Enthusiast league can play cpu es (980 a0)?
  5. After I had seen a greater oc% if uploads stage1 will not give
  6. for o.2 hz speak? physiological differences between the inertia system and full load cpu.
  7. 8.42 The registration has ratified neither the registration 9.10; Are you working;
  8. I do not understand, though the latter was wrong, then the previous sp32 sec 9.10? why?
  9. οκ (I saw no)mult is 21 msi What this says about(going to build a Wide same and give the link from you tube)
  10. rests οoc genie and close before do save .because do reboot and not shown yellow letters oc genie(do not load optimized because it has done before overclock and save without bios oc enable ,button only do enable).I do not blame anyone but echokanei tests
  11. lappinox is not enable. how are yellow oc genie? i run AS lappinox is ok?
  12. Can someone admin answer us if considered appropriate video-lappinox ?to work and so the rest?
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