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  1. https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/216553/galaxy-rtx2080ti-11264-181010 That Bios it's unlocked.
  2. FE has another chip for regulation voltage.
  3. If you flash card with kp.rom the limits up of voltage and power. But on FE the limitation perhaps are on PCB board. I dont know secure. Try it and monitoring with software. You have other fase power control.
  4. The bar only show 100 % , but limits are on .CFG.
  5. There are some Bios from Galax : Its a good one : https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/204869/galax-rtx2080ti-11264-180927
  6. I changed the team , can some moderator , force recalculated my scores ? Thanks !
  7. Hello , I can't change team , when saved , page error 504 , Gateway. Some moderator can help that ?
  8. Is it needed Benchmate for benching ? Cinebench R20 , Benchmate crash at console fault. Thx for reply. Solved, its only for amd.
  9. The last version , i try , its unlocked volt max 500 mv and dont run. There are old versions that work change the system date , i thinks its cheat.
  10. The old versions dont work .... I need last version private for msi support.
  11. Hi guys !! I have two MSI GPU , Ligthining !! I request that software unlocked for Overclocking on conditions my cards. Thanks on advance ...😇
  12. The card Galax has 2 Bios , 120 power and 150 power. Try its bios. Up the power limits.
  13. Then try it but under your responsability ..... The LZ uses 3 from 8 pins.
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