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  1. Then try it but under your responsability ..... The LZ uses 3 from 8 pins.
  2. Can you bricked your video card, the msi Gaming uses two conectors and LZ uses three conectors for power suply
  3. Thank you very much , I wanted new team with you with Captain. Your team its the best oportunity for me. Send me a password for enter on your team , and switched. Very happy from me to you.
  4. Thanks a lot for you and your Team ... :):) I prefer on Spain. Because the lang colud be a diference.
  5. My Tem is from Spain : https://hwbot.org/team/enthusiasts_of_spain/ No Captain.
  6. I leave old Team , because I change Team , request calculate points. Thanks to moderation !!😎
  7. https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/35466638
  8. I use Galax Bios 450 W and works fine. I mounted SLI , and work very well.
  9. Thanks friend , and Bios you has , can you send me PM ? I have until software public , but with good bios can up clocks very well. The MSI AB unlock voltages Auxiliars on my actual Bios LN2.
  10. I am reading the thread and clearly , thanks for you and very important info about MSI video card. I need unlock voltage with W up from Galax OC Lab 2000W or NDA MSI. Can you contact me at PM. I am from EU and support its only public and very bit little. Thanks for support
  11. I contact with MSI Europe by email , contact you with your shop and your customer.
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