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  1. I changed the team , can some moderator , force recalculated my scores ? Thanks !
  2. Hello , I can't change team , when saved , page error 504 , Gateway. Some moderator can help that ?
  3. Is it needed Benchmate for benching ? Cinebench R20 , Benchmate crash at console fault. Thx for reply. Solved, its only for amd.
  4. The last version , i try , its unlocked volt max 500 mv and dont run. There are old versions that work change the system date , i thinks its cheat.
  5. The old versions dont work .... I need last version private for msi support.
  6. Hi guys !! I have two MSI GPU , Ligthining !! I request that software unlocked for Overclocking on conditions my cards. Thanks on advance ...😇
  7. The card Galax has 2 Bios , 120 power and 150 power. Try its bios. Up the power limits.
  8. Then try it but under your responsability ..... The LZ uses 3 from 8 pins.
  9. Can you bricked your video card, the msi Gaming uses two conectors and LZ uses three conectors for power suply
  10. Thank you very much , I wanted new team with you with Captain. Your team its the best oportunity for me. Send me a password for enter on your team , and switched. Very happy from me to you.
  11. Thanks a lot for you and your Team ... :):) I prefer on Spain. Because the lang colud be a diference.
  12. My Tem is from Spain : https://hwbot.org/team/enthusiasts_of_spain/ No Captain.
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