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  1. Chispy , en que Team estas ? Yo soy veterano , tengo muchos puntos que os podrian ayudar mucho. Saludos !
  2. Mi idioma nativo es castellano de ESpaña. A lo que me refiero es que parece inactivo por que me parece que nadie de ese equipo sub ninguna puntuacion desde hace años atras. Nada mas que eso. Perdon usar el Google translator.
  3. There are this Team out , go all members out of competetition since 2018. Go down.
  4. https://www.3dmark.com/spy/14797567
  5. Selection 2k resolution. Maximum rendiment prefered. Up the clocks from SLI. Render with GPU-Z.
  6. Solution : Adjust best options on panel control of nvidia
  7. I put it on it , but the pcie is : pcie 3.0 / pcie 1.1 on GPU-Z ASUS. If you want capture or pic , not problem.
  8. Yes , I put it on well , Thanks !
  9. Hello Bruno .... With one : https://hwbot.org/submission/4575124_ximi_3dmark11___extreme_geforce_rtx_2080_ti_19824_marks?recalculate=true
  10. What side ? The Bios chips ? Front to PCIe side ? There is one molex 4 pins there.
  11. Hello , I have 2 MSI Lithning and I am looking for MSI ABX Software. Some infomration its aprecciated. Thanks !
  12. That not is the problem. Always work with all pluged , 1200 W and 1500 W for SLI and 6950X. I think the problem are on OS win 7 , Win 10 or last drivers and software MSI AB.
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