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  1. The Team its register and dont show for join up !! Somebody , moderate its joined the Teams ? Please add us !! Thanks You , All rigth !!
  2. I am uploading new results with my SLI GPU 1080 Ti best that before and no recalculate points , what happens ?
  3. Again here , needed recalculate points , its posible add the button on my page ? I am very active and I want have the control of points.
  4. Now we are on April !!! When the server recalculate ? Thanks !!
  5. Ok , thnaks for explanation....
  6. I am waiting for recalculate. Its done ? Thanks !!
  7. I changes the Team recently and i need to recalculate points global again. Thanks on advance.
  8. Open and minimize 3D Mark 11 , for example , and open GPU-Z Sensors screen.
  9. Here , the same , push recalculation TOTAL points on my profile and pass 20 min and are continuing waiting and it not end.
  10. Clean points for no actives nicks on 1 last year. Only last year almost 50 submission are good users. Cuttoff !!
  11. Works with Java , Update the packet , perhaps solve it.
  12. Ximi

    Unigine Superposition

    Ok, Thank's you
  13. Ximi

    Unigine Superposition

    Hi guys Can tell me if with X99 can use W10 ? And another question , the RUN its with defaults ? All textures of max ? And with OpenGL or DirectX can I RUN ? Thanks !! Certain clear if responds not so bad on English languaje.
  14. Ximi

    6950X good one

    Stop. Not looking for any one. Clean up contacts and work well again. Sorry for inconvenience.