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  1. This score was made possible by @HyperX Ukraine @Kingston Ukraine @StingerYar @mraleks and @Snegovick
  2. Core disablement is not allowed for wPrime 32m but what about unlocking them? This needs to be clarified before people start to report each other for using "illegal" hardware.
  3. Alright, got you man. Me and my teammates were arguing about this, cause nobody want to get blocked and loose points 😁
  4. Are dual core GPUs allowed for any single core stages with disabled CrossFire/SLI?
  5. @leeghoofd no way... Damn I need to wash my eyes... Always thought that every 3dmark had LOD in the Allowed "optimisation" list.
  6. So LOD is now illegal and what I suppose to do? A lot of the guys got top scores. Unfair advantage to say the least. If you want to play for real - wipe all Time Spy rankings, start over and lets see who won the silicone lottery.
  7. It's my first time ever participating in the overclocking online event and such basic thing as the way score gets calculated is important to know.
  8. Such things should be explained in advance and put into the rules list, it's not our deal to figure it out. Why then we just dont run CB single core ranking? Or as an adittion to R20 overall per-core...
  9. Aright, thanks. Me and my teammates were figuring out if x265 going to be "divided" or not. 9900k FTW than 😁
  10. Is the same rule applies to DDR4 x265 4K? If so, I would be glad to see this info being added to rule list on both official stage pages.
  11. What I did is just saved my result file manually and then manually uploaded it to the competition ranking. Benchmate cant predict what are you going to do with it, it;s just an app that makes things fair and square and a little bit easier to upload since it's got built in hardware detection/monitoring. So yeah, as always, there is some things to press for your fingers 😉
  12. Superposition result file can't be uploaded. What I am doing wrong? "Invalid data file: Unable to parse the datafile".
  13. Alright, thanks. You just confirmed my thoughts. Wish there was a way to detect this crap in each 3D bench so people can focus on getting a score and not on killing the image quality... And it's probably were discussed many times before me.
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