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  1. Could you please add support for the ONEPLUS 6T ? Need extra info beside these screenshots?
  2. Ok this system is already going down for maintenance. I need to clean the loop and components so just redoing these benchmarks is probably not going to happen .... I leave the country for work in a few days so very nice...
  3. It's not left out deliberate. I thought they were optional and i'm doing this on a big 4k panel from a distance. Like you see there's barely room to put another tab up without adjusting the scaling of the screen and making it unreadable to me ... I will place it in future submissions but it's the same motherboard ive used for all my x79/3960x benchmarks ...
  4. ONEPLUS 6T plz add it to the database Greetz
  5. There is a huge difference DDR4 and such ... not really legacy hardware in my opinion.
  6. I'm using 2011 most benchmarks have no benefit from more cores and memory oc isn't great on it. I speak for the sandybridge ones. That's what most of the benchmarks require so ...
  7. Competitions are fine. I wish there were more in general with a lot of variety in them and aimed at certain leagues. Maybe add some rules like a max frequency like in the Challenger 2019 Division VII round 1 Intel legacy competition. Not everyone has the time/resources or option to use LN2. I personally cannot get it delivered into my apartment. Therefore i need to go and find a place where they can deliver it, get all my hardware there and so on. Then you have the problem off people with access to very expensive hardware (sponsored or not) who will always surpass your scores with such a huge margin it's not even worth entering some competitions. For more interaction with your team and members some sort off team "chat" or so integrated into your site would be great. Because most of them i do not know personally and cannot really reach out to them easily (beside on the forum). And I do not want to go and "stalk" them or hope to find them somewhere on social media.
  8. Thx for the replies I did some research but i'm not well equipped for now (i'm building a testbench) so i ran it from one of my daily systems. I found a lot of info and tweaks but man it's so time consuming. I just submitted the best i could achieve on this setup with some tweaking for the Challenger 2019 Division VII round 1 Intel legacy competition. I just have a couple of days left and leaving my home for a while and i have to bench for the other Challenger divisions as well. Greetz
  9. This benchmark (HWBOT GPUPI for CPU 100M) is confusing. Even for me i downloaded all the versions but still my GPU runs it.
  10. Nice score. Got any tips for SuperPi - 32M ? I found a couple of tweaks but i don't have the time to install a other operating system so i'm on win 10.
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