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  1. Hi Guys i have an idea about aida64 rankings. i think Aida 64 results must be compared in 2 ranking : 1-quad channl 2-dual channel there is huge difference between Dual chnnel and Quad Channel specally in read peformance its fact dual channel can't beat quad channel read peformance when both overclocked to max in our forum we calculate result like maxx mem (read+write+copy) / latnecy = xxxx mark (Picture Attached) but even with this calcuation we put result is in different ranking. what you think about it ? best regards mehdi
  2. Hi in the rules: Must use GIGABYTE, Aorus motherboards Z170 (G1 series or SOC) and Z270 SOC Gaming are allowed? tnx
  3. you right and cheaters way must be close! But when we submite 7350K results @ 6.5ghz in last week why you dont notice? Repeat that mistake is your fault. Because its your duty to check all results and then approv it. So there is many results that hwbot staffs never check it and check only important results
  4. maybe you want update rules every month! we have no enough time to check it allways. all our Cinebench results was token similar. if you check all results why don't notice befor? our 7350K cinebench results has similar screen shot
  5. If there is rules its for all: The Overclocking Knights`s Cinebench - R11.5 score: 26.58 points with a Core i7 5960X And renderd image hidden... easy
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