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  1. Interested in any trades for the acard?
  2. thread closed. went the balistix lp/lv sport route
  3. take the hs assembly off and a couple of rounds in the dishwasher will fix that
  4. As the title says i'm looking for sticks of Samsung Low Voltage 30nm rams. Product code: MV-3V4G3D/US - 8GB DDR3 PC3L-12800U (1600MHz) 240pin DIMM. Product link here Happy to pay via paypal and items need to be posted to Australia.
  5. will be putting the rig back together this week and will run a pass on hpi when setup for you.
  6. if you were addressing my post i think you misunderstand what i was saying. a points system was put in place to achieve a competition. we know that points do mean something to some people. those that wished to be judged by others use it as a marker in their community standing. all this is marketing 101. by minimising the incentive for these people competition will flounder. i simply don't think that squashing something before it has a chance to grow is the right thing. it's a pretty simple idea. what is in place isn’t perfect by a longshot. is this the right way to move forward... i don't think so.
  7. i'm not attributing blame. i didn't think i had. if i gave that impression from the line quoted by massman i was simply addressing pieters earlier comment, later underlined by himself, that as a paid advocate of the hobby we love brushing off another member with some snide comment about rainbows & unicorns was plain bs. he asked for a button to be pressed and i did. i agree with you. stock runs are bs. my hand is firmly in the air to pull all those subs made through the years @ stock. lets reflect on 8800gtx, sandy and 06 subs for a start. and btw i feel for your sli/bsod. been there and know the feeling. got a new one last week with pwm adjustment crashing 3d. please don't think i believe the current situation is any good. i also don't think this change will be good for oc in the future. i also don't know of a perfect middle road to lay out. i did/do understand that irrespective of any comments made, in all likelihood this change will go ahead. i've made a suggestion above based specifically on oc. i am 100% on the side of rubbishing lazy subs made @ stock especially if they earn globals. i hope that down the track that benching out of the norm would be rewarded. watching a number of rulings made previously with the reluctance to ever visit them again i had hoped to post my opinion before it makes the archives.
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