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  1. Interested in any trades for the acard?
  2. thread closed. went the balistix lp/lv sport route
  3. take the hs assembly off and a couple of rounds in the dishwasher will fix that
  4. As the title says i'm looking for sticks of Samsung Low Voltage 30nm rams. Product code: MV-3V4G3D/US - 8GB DDR3 PC3L-12800U (1600MHz) 240pin DIMM. Product link here Happy to pay via paypal and items need to be posted to Australia.
  5. will be putting the rig back together this week and will run a pass on hpi when setup for you.
  6. if you were addressing my post i think you misunderstand what i was saying. a points system was put in place to achieve a competition. we know that points do mean something to some people. those that wished to be judged by others use it as a marker in their community standing. all this is marketing 101. by minimising the incentive for these people competition will flounder. i simply don't think that squashing something before it has a chance to grow is the right thing. it's a pretty simple idea. what is in place isn’t perfect by a longshot. is this the right way to move forward... i don't think so.
  7. i'm not attributing blame. i didn't think i had. if i gave that impression from the line quoted by massman i was simply addressing pieters earlier comment, later underlined by himself, that as a paid advocate of the hobby we love brushing off another member with some snide comment about rainbows & unicorns was plain bs. he asked for a button to be pressed and i did. i agree with you. stock runs are bs. my hand is firmly in the air to pull all those subs made through the years @ stock. lets reflect on 8800gtx, sandy and 06 subs for a start. and btw i feel for your sli/bsod. been there and know the feeling. got a new one last week with pwm adjustment crashing 3d. please don't think i believe the current situation is any good. i also don't think this change will be good for oc in the future. i also don't know of a perfect middle road to lay out. i did/do understand that irrespective of any comments made, in all likelihood this change will go ahead. i've made a suggestion above based specifically on oc. i am 100% on the side of rubbishing lazy subs made @ stock especially if they earn globals. i hope that down the track that benching out of the norm would be rewarded. watching a number of rulings made previously with the reluctance to ever visit them again i had hoped to post my opinion before it makes the archives.
  8. and i thank you for ignoring the remainder of my post
  9. apologies in advance as this is more of an airing my opinion than having any effect on this change... i'm working on the understanding that it's implementation is not under debate. i see this change as somewhat of a disappointment for a number of reasons. sure, seeing a few guys, (very few), run benchmarks on work servers at stock and creaming 60 globals for 10 mins of mouse click in their lunch hour was pretty appalling. i got nothing to stick up for this sort of benching... well it's not really benching is it. however, i recently noticed the lack of competition in the big core count categories to decided if i'm going to kiss it I might as well bunny it and bought a 4p rig to have a go. exotic... no not really. es opteron (unlocked chips) are cheap & plentiful on ebay. expensive board and a real pain fiddling with server 8 to get things humming true. side note - win7 ult recognises 256 cores but only 2 chips.. painful to redo a pc05 os from scratch i can tell you, especially if you have to switch half of server back on to get the bench to run and cull the other hale of the services to make a start on efficiency. having already gone through the unpleasant but 'popular' decision to permit ram drives in pcv and software cacheing raid in pc05 it's of no surprise that having chosen an unpopular benchmark to focus on as well as choosing uncommon gear to bench with i was bound to catch a kick in the nuts a few times. but, by limiting points attributed to uncommon setups minimises the desire for anyone to bother in the future. doesn't that sort of defeat the core purpose of hwbot? arn't most of us here reading this thread doing uncommon stuff like using Ln, stripping OSs, pushing the boundaries of gear to their limits? by penalising folks for taking an alternative route just seems counter productive. if the bot is going to play the popular game are we to expect users of Ln to start losing points? are we going to have a new category on watercooling setups and award randoms on who has the gayist flashing lights? are the big guns using 4 titans going to get pinged because their setup is better than mine? unlikely.. well not today anyway. taking on the quotes i'd like to reply to a few as you may know retail opteron comes locked witrh turbo only. stock is something that has to be lived with to some degree. true, if you have a couple of specific supermicro boards you can flash the bios to a modded version but that only gives you a 12.5% boosts and takes no skill by the owner.. dl>flash>done. or 2 get a tyan board and if you know someone working near a opteron based supercomputer you might be lucky to get hold of an unlocked bios... breaking every eula / nda in the book. wprime is a great example of running lazy and catching boints for bunny all effort. Is it cooler and more acceptable to have a 1 click oc? hello sandybridge, remember annoying the bunnyextraction out of many? same chips challanging eachother on spi or pc05 would not be the case. very true. scored good points the other week making subs on air using a q66, e66 & e8400. all 3 top 10 pc05 hw. all from good storage and knowing your os. this comment is beneath you and only fuels the argument of poor consultation with the community. a valid 2 cents and I agree. limit the desire of benching different and people wont. Of course duel core ivy @ stock running cine or xtu won't get cut from the fold but for many it's still somewhat of a joke. i made a sub on my htpc and had to wash my hands soon after lol. the same can be said for those kids who save all their pocket money and instead of a first car they go buy 4 titans to be king of the epeeners. sure, who gives a rats about them too. ok, 2 things to reply to: 1 the easiest way has been discussed previously on numerous occasions. reward folks on the percentage of oc achieved. much like a cpuz val apply the principle to other benches. one of my proudest moments was getting my old e66 past 100%oc. anyways, it's a nice idea that's never going to happen. 2 many of the "stock clock submissions that rank people higher than others legitimately trying to overclock" are in the mix because of the way core categories are currently structured. there is no option to have a mixed cpu setup and little energy behind hwbot to change things. eg: i have 2 x 6380 and 4 x 6220. when i wanted to make a 48 sub using 2 of each i couldn't. i opened a thread to ask what to do and was told to enter the sub under the highest chip. so, my 48 core sub had to be a 64 core entrant.. now with a very easy 60 points, i mean who the bunny has a 64 core setup at hand to challenge i thought blow it and subbed to everything i could. woop woop free boints everywhere but all junk on top of lies. at the time I thought, why did I bother getting 2 x 16 cores when I could of got 1 and a few $30 quads and still toe the line. fix the multi cpu option, ask multi core subs to be corrected and watch the lower core count categories to be competitive and many of the high core count subs dissabear… oh, and i know you'll see less piss taking. i think the complaints are coming from the minimal consultation, minimal effort to find an alternative route and another example of popularist politics and single-mindedness rearing it's head on the bot. pc05 caught a beating with all the bs from a select few last year and before the rules were set in stone the benchmark was ruined for many. warehouse benching is about to ruin things for the even fewer that have chosen to give enterprise gear a go. when this change goes ahead it'll be the last time you see pics like this for a lousy 10 points.
  10. not entirely true. i have been experimenting with some success using interlago mixed with abu dhabi and can confirm they can work together however cpuz doesn't like it, TPC doesn't like it and occasionally supermicro doesn't like it lol.
  11. this sub should be listed as 3x AMD Opteron 6220 but cpu is not currently in DB. will adjust / edit when added.
  12. +1 for mixed option. can't imagine it would be an issue to add a drop down if the initial cpu chosen is enterprise level. as to subbing catagory i understand that currently the larger of the 2 cpus used in a sub would need to be the lead unit. with a mixed cpu option i imagine it would make no difference unless the participant is chasing HW points or cups... saying that mixed subs could just catch globals and there would be no issues.
  13. audio hasn't stood out specificly but true its low. mem latency i'd say is whats been hit hardest on a 4p setup.
  14. missed db update thread from this morning. thread closed.
  15. opteron 6212 listed as a 4 core 2.9ghz when it's an 8 @ 2.6ghz opteron 6220 not listed (8 core @ 3ghz) http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Bulldozer/AMD-Opteron%206220.html
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