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  1. http://hwbot.org/submission/2324156_vega05_3dmark03_2x_radeon_hd_7970_265.04_marks?recalculate=true I posted up 03 with 2 vga ... I ask you to check .. Thanks, guys.
  2. gPU voltage 1:45 volts VMEM 2:36 volts if I go over it OVP triggers I do not know how to remove pallit reference is not
  3. excellent score roby I'll be having fun do crazy at Absolute Zero
  4. boys THANKS TO ALL! hours try 'to keep pushing for other bench ...
  5. Thanks to all! last night I had to do it three times because I do not loaded the file orb even with active LAN Saving files with them good christian ney I posted the score of orb I was not able to hours qu else solution: http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?p=182089 # post182089 I hope functions are tired of people for disturbing problems of Futuremark.
  6. so you say that it works? I feel I had a sea of ​​problems to post on orb I loaded the file na from another pc tion with active LAN platform bench ... the beauty is that it only does so with 03 others with no problem ... now I try this solution Then I tell if I have solved ... meanwhile thank you!
  7. thanks guys but There is definitely something wrong I do + at those frequencies I will have to 'study us over ...
  8. comlimenti wonderful job! voltages vga? the GPU VMEM aux ? and temperatures? yuo watching screen but that is the vga bios?
  9. @ Sannino tnx bro! @ Pro tnx bro I waxed to the max but it is not easy to reach you try again ....
  10. Great job gyrock san! was difficult to change it that way? what you earned on gpu and vram?
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