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  1. The Problem is the "8GHz Award". I haven't really deserves because I do not have clocked as high. My second Problem is that I have no award for my donation received it.
  2. Hello, dear presenter's team, before short time I have tangled a profile with You. Unfortunately, I have transmitted immediately sometimes a wrong CPU-Z Validation. Hence, I ask you my 8Ghz honouring to extinguish. I ask you, however, to me an honouring for my donation to put down, because I have done this. Not a lot, but, at least, something. Thank you in prerau. mfg
  3. Hello, dear presenters why my result is not counted? To transmit attempts already for days. The points might properly have been counted. Where does the problem lie? 3DMark 03: http://s1.directupload.net/images/user/100810/crbud32g.jpg
  4. Ich bekomms nicht auf die Reihe. Wird immer wieder verschoben. Wie sollte es denn eingegeben werden das es klappt?
  5. Hello and thank you for your comment. Wow! I'm surprised. I will push him further up. Try it at least.
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