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  1. +1. Cannot login for two days straight now... A simple user search throws out the following error Screenshot attached.
  2. Hello, One of my friends is trying to join hwbot as a team member, but he is facing problems 1. his email id is not being accepted (not a well formed email address) 2. Our team (OC India) is not showing up in the drop down menu while registering. I hope this is the right place and it would be awesome if you guys can fix it :)
  3. i did a resubmit.. the engine is seriously broken.. is it really hard for you to NOT OC the servers
  4. nope...i see two submissions by KSA(which is against the rules) and one by toolius..the 5820k has one score...but its not being added to the country total. I will resubmit if its not tallied by tonight.
  5. can anyone tell me why my score is not getting counted in my countries total? http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/country_cup_2015/2521/5s-30p_|_xtu_1_-%3E_8c submission : http://hwbot.org/submission/3027989
  6. seems like a result of botched registration and forgotten passwords.
  7. Submissions engine down? submitted a score in single gpu 3Dmark06..its not showing up.
  8. LE sigh... seems like a lot of guys are scared for competition
  9. pardon me but i think the reason was being earlier ES used to behave differently and 90% of the time they were better than retail samples? Now a days most of the ES are plain potatoes..binning a 100 chip(which some of the top guys do) gives a better chance than getting an ES. So IMHO the "ES only for Elite" rule needs to go..times change..situation changes..HWBOT must change too. Also i wonder what would happen if I ask for complete removal of ES points?
  10. This one works...how ever if i use the simple search to go into the users profile..there's no option.
  11. Seems so... Can you fix this? A lot of members are coming back.
  12. unban is not fixed sadly we have three captains in the team..and i cannot unban anyone who wasn't banned by me.
  13. So..a few of the guys in my team were banned for inactivity. Now they want to be active and comeback to the team...so how to lift the ban? and no i dont see them in mod home..to (un)ban them. user : http://hwbot.org/user/bawalbaba/ team : http://hwbot.org/team/ocindia/
  14. so...no notifications sad...how will i know when i have to kill people
  15. Well..it seems like i am losing . 1 points every time i log in? can anyone check whats going on? i don't see any activities as to how i am losing it.
  16. Also it seems like am losing .1 points now and then..can you check them?
  17. So i submitted some 3DMark FSX score for Div 1 it shows up as catzilla 720p everywhere? even the submission page says catzilla? Did ney got his hands on the server again? http://oc-esports.io/#/round/roadtopro_challenger_season0_division1_round1/1721/3dmark_fire_strike_extreme http://hwbot.org/submission/2648537_
  18. Variables used without being declared...anybody faced this issue? trying on a 7850k ES on Crossblade ranger. any help would be appreciated.
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