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  1. Forgot : Infos of the batch sticker of the 150+ PCIe : RT 68 | ICT 68-5 | FQC N5 | Lot No BH 3184D would be nice if you check yours if you have one `, the other X58A-OCs i have are ICT 68-4 and a different Lot No. If ITC is standing for In Circuit Testing it would be nice to know if the 5 is some kind of quality value or just the number of the testing station or whatever. Does somebody know? Gigabyte has not answered this question to me cause of EOL product and i have no connections or knowledge that maybe someone has here
  2. Tested some more boards : 2x Gigabyte X58A OC : boot 135-136 trainable 138-139 setfsb both 140 , batch numbers (RT,ITC,FQC and lot ) are different compared to the "golden one" Foxconn Flaming Blade GTI : boot 121, trainable 137, setfsb 137 Since nearly every board is somewhat trainable next to around 138 there should be some kind of synch tolerance every train step (it is 2 to 5 pcie steps on all the boards, except the golden one, there i was able to boot up 135 with can go straight to 150). So maybe it is just the quality of the clock gen (can not find data for all but in other clockgen data sheets you will find the maximum range is not guranteed), the northbridge or just the ram detection / routine in combination with the board quality. Playing around with the ram settings (especially turn around settings) is next, but since the C1 Debug is not moving after bootup on gigbyte boards with pcie to high, i think it is a detection problem. Something to look for was that maybe the Intel Mangement Engine is the kicker here, but digging around this it seems that it is not implemented in X58 consumer boards ,despited me_cleaner project is claiming it should be in some kind, but size of the bios files and the spi is also saying no, data sheet also says you can set a flag to run the chip without ME. Later this day i will do a dump of the spi to check, but i think it is a dead end. I use a Samsung 950 Pro with a PCI GT 610 for testing, looks like the Samsung Controller can take as much PCIe as i wanted him to take (i think since it is a PCIE 3.0 Controller and we running at 2.0 there is high tolerance due half bandwith cut). Downside : currently only bootable for Windows 7 or higher, with XP the legacy option rom of the SSD conflicts while booting and i think there is more of a problem too (win-raid.com is the place to dig arround this). Conflicts with other onboard controllers (sata stuff) are common so you have to turn them of if you test it yourself. Also the adpater you are going to use is important (will post this later on). Also tested an AHCI based PCIe SSD to boot XP(first gen of ocz revodrive) but this thing faded out at about 130 (it is a PCIE 2.0 device, sandforce controller with a raid controller too). There are some other AHCI PCIe SSDs X58 bootable around (Plextor, Kingston) but since they are all pcie 2.0 standard i guess you will run into the same high pcie problems here. Using modern PCIE 3.0 NVME SSDs need an EFI Loader like DUET, that needs and extra firstboot device and i think is not an option. So my conclusion at this point : Samsung PCIe SSD with PCI GPU is some easy way to go maxout your PCIE-Frequency (and looks reliable with above 150 PCIe) but not a must, since they are other ways to maxout your pcie clock to 140, above that it is going to maybe be relevant. Sadly the first board i tested with this setup was the "golden one", so i was a little bit too happy about and thought this is the way to go 😆
  3. Hi there. long time no see 😆 After losing nearly all my gear to a stupid burglary last year i was at least able to gather some boards again. For terms definition : Boot (max setting possible after cmos reset and 1. start) Trainable (max setting possible in bios after 1.boot and then restart to boot windows) SetFSB (max setting possible after windows boots up with trainable bclk) First testing with a new hardware setup aproach : Gigabyte X58A-OC : boot 129, trainable 150 (max), setfsb 168 (max), maybe more with RW? ASRock Extreme6 : boot 138, trainable 138, setfsb 138 (no slowmode available?, so kind of useless in terms of maxing out bclk) Asus Rampage II Extreme : boot 119, trainable 134, setfsb 140 Asus Sabertooth X58 : boot 129, trainable 129, setfsb 138 That X58A-OC is outstanding for now, tests with the gotten stolen ones before haved peaked out at round about 140 but with a more "conventional" testing hardware setup. (i have 2 more X58A-OC to test and some other boards ). None reliable tests for benching done till now. No detailed testing yet in kind of getting bootable and trainable to be equal, should be possible for all boards. I will do a dedicated post or thread to this with the testing method later on, have to do more testing before. Stay healthy ;D
  4. hey, yeah thanks but the problem still occurs, no boot with the mentioned xeons. i think something is just broken.
  5. Hello, does this board need a mod to support xeons like some evga boards do? i have one that is not booting with westmere xeons of any kind (X,E,W), latest bios i was able to find within a quick search is a spectre / meltdown microcode modded p10 based. Some google searching tells me that the board is able to run xeons, but are there some different revs? the board is not labled with a rev. Someone has got a link to a official bios? all links i found are dead, offical site is down. Thanks.
  6. Hello, i don't know why the ram freq does not match the bclk and devider and i am sad i did not check it before, but i seems like i have the problem with certain validations with this cpu. Here are some validations with the issue https://valid.x86.fr/aswycq https://valid.x86.fr/jjvd56 https://valid.x86.fr/wug1r2 and one without https://valid.x86.fr/kvbnwr So i am sorry for not checking and maybe next time i will have a correct validation for that frequencies. And for some people wondering, i am benching a lot of x58 stuff, but not posting some random results. Currently i have 2 X58A-OCS, 2 Rampage III and one EX58. Regards
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