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  1. i tried all 4 dimm in a different system and they are fine. I fear that I will have to buy a new mb - which mb with which cpu would you currently recommend (psu, gpu and ssd should stay the same)? the price-performance ratio should fit...
  2. Hy guys, i have a big problem with my DDR4 RAM and i don't know what to do anymore .... XD My System: Intel 5820K, Asus Rampage V Extrem 3.1, GTX 1080 TI FE Gainward, M2 SSD aaaand G.Skil Triden Z F4-3200C16Q-32GTZB (4x8), ROG Thor 850W Platinum My Problem: My old MB got bricked and i didnt want to buy a whole system - so i decided to buy a used Rampage V Extreme. 1 Problem: My RAM are not at the QVL (i thought its ok just for trying) - it ended in some bootfails 2 Problem: i switched to BIOS/DRAM-timing section and i cant see some entries at the Channel A/B - just at Channel C/D. Back in Win10 i started CPUZ with the Result: 24 GB shown, 3 Slots are recognised. Windows Sys just see 16 GB RAM. My question at this point: is problem 1 the trigger for that or is one RAM bricked or are the dimm slots a/b at MB defekt? I also tried to change the RAM with the dimm slots but same problem. When i try to boot with just 2 RAM - no boot (Recommended memory config as shown in the manuel) Maybe someone can help me if this is the wrong section i am sry - pls switch it to right one. Thx
  3. All my submissions are marked as "Engineering sample or unreleased hardware" - but there isnt any engineering sample or unrelewasd hardware...!? - What is the reason for? CPU: Intel I7 5820K GPU: GTX 970 Memory: Crucial/Micron (16 GB) Motherboard: X99S SLI Plus Win10 Pro Thx for support 44_30_10_020.xtu
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