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  1. so... is there something to the claim of kingston djr pcbs being different and easier to clock to high frequency then other brands? Looking forward to cold results!
  2. ground

    [FS-US] PSC

    dibs on #5 as pm’d on discord
  3. Just clarifying - one team member running Dominator GT v2.1 2000c7 and another running Dominator GT v2.1 2000c8 will be fine, right? This would, off course, be visible in SPD tab. Since hwbot itself doesn't differentiate between different Dom GT bins
  4. I recon its cpuz bug with multi fake dropping if you raise too much in OS.
  5. this is the record. Tapakah has no more backups for this (I talked to him); this was the same chip I purchased from him. Was boardlimited I’m pretty sure, but can’t confirm with another board since both died yesterday.
  6. Not enough sacrifices made before this run; CPU and board died within minutes of this run. CPU OCPs other boards right away, board has a shorted highside.
  7. DDR3 memory frequency - 3 subs, max 1 sub per Socket
  8. http://valid.x86.fr/ek3wlb again confirming my suspicion that either me or my mem is the limit, I’m willing to blame the mem, for now at least. Tested 4 boards (3xud3p, 1x ud3) now, 3 confirmed 725, last I only tested with a random chip which walled at 710, though I still had >0.1V range on vmch so doubt the board was at its limit
  9. is there any trick to get these to scale with voltage? mine do 700 7-8-8 1.45V, 720 7-8-8 1.8V and less at higher volts.
  10. really interesting stuff, just found a couple sticks of this in my collection and trying it right now.
  11. I'd hope one of these will do it, now need good mem and a fitting CPU... And well, maybe I'll find more of these while looking for mem and CPUs.
  12. given the cancellation of keephs GTX 280 comp, would it be sensible to include it in one of the stages?
  13. I need LN2 again Got 3 Ep45-UD3Ps rev 1.0 ready now, just need a handful more chips and better D9GMH...
  14. Coming back for more soon? Or do I and others have to try harder first?
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