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  1. ground1556

    [Price check] rare P55-X58 boards

    Its this one: as or prices, not sure, given the x58 board is basically untested. The benefit going from the 3 way to 4 way SLI classified board is irrelevant nowadays (given 3d benching relevance at least, collectors tax is always a thing), and a 3 way SLI board has been listed for 6 months by now on here for 125€ and hasn't sold yet. With some luck 250€ for the combo, probably less. The prices for all Maximus III variants seem all over the place, could be worth anywhere from 90-140, the classied combo probably about the same. - my personal judgement for these at least, it could be very skewed off course. I wouldn‘t want to pay nearly as much for an evga x58 board (probably not above 80€) as it would really surprise me if it could come close to asus or Gigabyte for max bclk and it would just be to test another brand.
  2. One of your sensor tabs isn't fully showing.
  3. ground1556

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    And now to complicate it even more, does it matter which bench? For Ref Freq I could see the first line applying and for everything else the second line.
  4. Second highest clocked 32M so far!
  5. ground1556

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    ^That's why I suggested one day where both backgrounds are valid during the transition
  6. ground1556

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    how about leaving the old background active for one more day after publishing the new one? Should solve most conflicts here...
  7. wait, what the hell is going on here?
  8. Have you compared CL4 and CL5 scores? Because according to this, DDR3 doesn't support CL4.
  9. I thought DDR3 and CL4 weren't real and just a setting that didn't work correctly? Pretty sure about average Hypers could match that at 661 quite easily.
  10. I fully expect your USB drive to have a score at 6.8GHz saved now
  11. I had pretty good success getting uncore to reasonable on this board, at least a couple of Westmeres can do 4600 on air without much trouble. Getting 4600 on air is doable on quite a few of my chips and I've had a couple do 4800 at reasonable voltages. RAM might be an issue though, my Dom GT 2000 CL8 need 1.8V for 2000 7-7-7 and won't budge from there even with 1.9V...
  12. Who needs a Rampage III if the II can do this? :P