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  1. I'm a bit lacking in the high MHz platforms, but the kit Nox got from me did 2000 5-9-6 on an i5 750, surprisingly close to my RipjawsX kit which did 5-8-5 (with loose subs but still).
  2. There are significantly worse OEM kits then the one you have
  3. Yes please! On 1366 there are no core count benefits or similar, only price...
  4. ground1556

    [SOLD] Two Unicorns ~ GTX480 Lightning

    @ClockCruncher is looking for at least one of those, not sure if he minds the lack of heatsink. @Rhadamanthis is also looking for one. I guess it would be nice to wait for them to reply?
  5. Its a kit as bad as they come, planning on getting a new one asap. For most of my benching I’ll keep them below 1.95 most likely. Haven’t confirmed, but I’m almost sure they can’t do spec. ...they do spec, and now that they have taken 2.1V for maybe an hour of testing they suddenly work much better then before, currently running 1050 7-7-6 at 1.775V, 1000 7-7-6 seems to be good for 32m at 1.68V and 1100 7-7-6 at 1.85V...
  6. did a quick test on my kit at 2.1V, they keep on scaling, 6-6-5 at 976 is doable at that. Might manage 6-6-5 at 986 (it did manage half a run before I got too greedy and went to 1000, but it doesn't scale anymore with voltage from here (sticks might be getting too hot too, though I have plenty of airflow right now) Next steps are -optimising subtimings (still using the same as at 1107) -trying if it goes any further at 6-7-5/6-7-6/6-6-6
  7. ground1556

    Challengers 2019 Round 1

    RAM temps are not specified. Might be a good idea to specify that too? Sadly don't have the hardware for this yet
  8. Its the XTU score I suspect. first ref. score: https://hwbot.org/submission/4055609_ XTU score by same guy: https://hwbot.org/submission/4055029_
  9. ground1556

    Strange behaviour when using SetFSB

    On 1366 you can get around it by upping the multi using Throttlestop. I've seen this issue on 775 (P5Q Deluxe and EP45-DS3) as well as on various 1366 boards (at least Rampage II Extreme, x58a-oc and x58a-UD7) and also on 1156 (H55m-UD2h and P55-USB3)
  10. Congrats! Glad your second chip worked even better :D
  11. Free push for a great deal for an x58a-oc (if its still available - has been over a month since the last push)
  12. I think he is more about trcd 10 being not possible on ambient PSC above ~1150 or so. 1366 can do high clock ram for sure if needed...
  13. Its not just the timings that appear that odd to me, but the BCLK doesn't line up with the memory divider (2:8 in this case), would need 307 BCLK for that. http://valid.x86.fr/d44eck
  14. Hm, actually not sure anymore, that memory frequency doesn't work out with the multiplier. Trying to get in contact...