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  1. I would bet so, I cant think of any other IC capable of 5-8-5 at those clocks on ambient. Also the 2200c9 Ripjaws in the rigpic kinda give it away
  2. You gotta check ozzies quote, he properly quoted them
  3. price lowered on Hyper. Edit: Selling the hypers elsewhere.
  4. Added a triple kit of Elpida hyper + a dead stick
  5. nobody mad just yet I hope. Rather see stuff said now then mid comp as we had before. Couple suggestions what could be considered - none of these were neck breaking as is, but changing them could make some stuff more interesting. -DDR2 freq is currently pretty obvious classic d9gmh + p45. If you want more action maybe disallow one of the two (though I bet most wouldn’t mind keeping both allowed, I am not opposed, just throwing in the idea) -DDR3 freq same problem, just instead mfr + haswell. Alternative idea: Dual channel required with no capacity lock so other ics might be viable. -DDR4 3d03 no dx12 cards? odd choice but okay
  6. for ddr2 32M, x38=x48 maybe? Its the same chipset, don’t see why to exclude it
  7. https://forums.evga.com/DIY-low-cost-subzero-chiller-for-benchmarking-m2951571.aspx https://forums.evga.com/DIY-directdie-phasechange-cooler-system-35C-at-400W-m2952116.aspx
  8. I mean... pinouts aren’t available (yet...), can’t 100% sure say that its impossible with cutting notches off. If anyone finds lga1200 pinout tables would be nice to have...
  9. if you are thinking of the 2000c7 hyper ones, good luck finding them, the only ones I heard of being still in circulation are 2 or 3 dead or badly damaged kits. Pretty sure they were only available with MNH-E.
  10. no 6x multi available on modern stuff as far as I know. Starting at 8x...
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