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  1. Thats some crazy clocks for Dice, wow! Considered taking the NB cold too?
  2. I think if you are spending 80+shipping on 775 chips you are most likely looking for a chip thats good for gold on cold too which kinda defeats the purpose ^^ Good luck with sale anyways.
  3. After login I also end up on this page (safari and chrome) also erroring out if not logged in. https://hwbot.org/user/ground1556/ (confirmed by people in US and Germany). It appears that not everyone is running into this issue. Maybe something messed up with the database? Edit: Looking at other broken profiles, it seems to only affect team captains. Been checking through all the top 10 teams and all the captains are bugged out.
  4. Have you benched anything on cold? If not, start with something cheap first... I know a fair lot of people who learned that the hard way. Plastidip is a pain to remove if not applied in a thick enough layer (spent half a day trying to remove leftovers from an x58a-oc recently), and even then it can be stuck under components and hard to remove. Eraser - depending on how flat the surface you are insulating is, can be fairly alright to remove but not exactly fun. Vaseline - not too hard to remove with liquid Shop towel - nothing on the board basically, but I've never had much luck with this, always had condensation issues after a little while
  5. Isn't the C6H T-top? And since the IMC can't sensibly run more frequency (limited by fclk ratio) moving to 4 dimms or Dual Rank dimms could be a possibility for a little bit more performance maybe?
  6. Decent uncore for ambient ;) DR Hyper seems like an odd choice for memory frequency though...
  7. Has anyone tried running Dual Rank memory, since its the FCLK and not the memory controller that's limiting here?
  8. oh sweet, press sample board? Haven't seen that one in a while... Wonder if the PLX is causing issues here...
  9. I see, you are having fun with that one Also, how many testbenches can you fit into a single picture?
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