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  1. yeah used pots can be found for <100€ at times but they are usually sold fairly quickly and new ones are really expensive. Still using an old Ryba pot I picked up last year for 80€. Did spend significantly more on Dice and LN2 since then though...
  2. It's detecting the interface wrong. Happens with HD 5450 DDR2 as well. Just look at a random score for any of the other semi-modern PCI GPUs, they all show up in the same way. Try finding a score where its showing up differently
  3. as cool as they are, the few I've seen in the wild so far were usually ES chips - thus not viable for comps. IF you find these with retail chips the question applies off course.
  4. Isn’t a team named after a large youtube channel somewhat complicated if its not represented by at least one working for them?
  5. Lets have a look at the last time there was a "GPU socket" categorie and look at #1 and #2... https://hwbot.org/search/submissions/permalink?ids=2467844,2468072,2468323,2462342,2468134 https://hwbot.org/search/submissions/permalink?ids=2468318,2468259,2448048,2450594,2468354 And, for better comparision, the full results. https://hwbot.org/competition/country_cup_2013/stage/1157_3dmark03_(legacy) Looking at this even the PCI score could end up relevant this year... Back then if Germany would've had a higher score in PCI they would've beaten Australia in that stage... So shut up with "the old stuff is irrelevant". If we only focus on the 2080 Ti score, there is no way we are winning that stage even if we have fillers...
  6. Some boards just seem to hate superpi, when I was testing my P5E3 Premium last month with NB on SS I could validate 670+ easy, run 1M at 660 with decent memory but couldn't manage 32M above ~615 no matter what I tried. Memory tested at 700ish, 900ish and >1030 without issues, I kinda think its just me...
  7. https://hwbot.org/submission/4280536_tagg_reference_frequency_rampage_extreme_619.66_mhz vid or whatever cpuz shows here seems identical but can‘t know without tagg saying something.
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