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  1. 3918A533. Chip is absolutely stupid and in no way maxed. We were running >5.5 32m later but the effi sucked, probably messed the OS up. At ambient the chip does this at 1.33V: Uncore at 4.0 with 1.26V: Chip also does >5 GHz uncore (I've ran pifast at 5.5 core 5.4 uncore on Dry Ice a while back, but since it didn't scale didn't bother subbing). Stops scaling at 1.6V which we hadn't quite reached. Wouldn‘t surprise me if this chip is capable of 5.6 benchable in the right hands...
  2. ground1556

    Close please

    @Leeghoofd weren't you looking for a 3770k? Could that be a candidate?
  3. Doable if we find a gigabyte board that plays well with my E5640 or I find more tweaks
  4. Thanks everyone! Special thanks to Tagg and Shaggy who helped a lot during the session/did some extra binning/provided extra boards/etc, Tapakah, Jokot and T.Rex for doing some cold(-ish) testing and/or providing extra information, the r/overclocking and warp9 guys with their patience with me on my journey to this note: I think I still have a better CPU with a lower coldbug, but that would require me to get it running properly on a gigabyte board, all 4 we had during the session refused cooperating with me sadly. With the boards we had the maximum achievable due to the pcie wall would be 305-310, but I don‘t think I‘ve found that CPU yet... this is where we starting celebrating https://valid.x86.fr/hd3vw2
  5. Jup, from the session with tagg and shaggy, plenty more stuff to try today too. This score is a fairly hard board limit (both with single and dual CPU), limited by a pcie wall at 114. If I could figure out whats holding pcie back I wouldn‘t even be surprised by 260+ on ambient because this is at stock voltages and these CPUs are binned for that.
  6. make sure to test different drives (IDE and SATA). Just randomly decided to throw a Sata drive on my board (rampage II) and it suddenly starts posting 130+ (though boot fails as sata still drops out above 122...) Rampage II Extreme: Max(coldboot): 118 Max(ide boot): 118-120 Max(ide boot + setfsb): 138-141 (depends on OS) (138 benchable) Max(sata post): 135 Max(sata boot): 122 Max(sata boot + setfsb): 137-138 (136 benchable)
  7. Has to be the Doglike Gaming, though probably some ES version considering the USB port at the bottom.
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