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  1. Sweet! Fantastic work with that chip, hope we can try it on LN2 some time soon :D
  2. whatever holds the record at the start of the comp I guess.
  3. Bring back the memory frequency stage, but with a twist - optimal Socket not allowed.
  4. Screenshot ready for 2090 ;) Good work, that heater is looking sweet :D
  5. if only the vintage edition could be a version that can validate 775 without being a load higher then 1M...
  6. I mean... while I get the point of a ban here but just take him out of the season ranking. Leave the offender unbanned, but disable points for him permanently.
  7. I mean... its a database, you can search for user + score + main hardware component and if there is an exact match throw a warning to the user and if he ignores it flag the sub for the mods to check against. Please don’t make subbing to hwbot harder then it already is
  8. @Leeghoofd so I now have to pay attention to the date shown in the OS? I’m just speaking for myself here, but I feel like its a bit of an overreaction. I have many boards I run without bios battery and this often results in the date in the OS being completely wrong. Some OS’s I even go as far as stripping the clock out. Isn’t it possibly to automatically compare subs posted by a person to previous subs posted with the same hardware by the same person? If they are identical show a warning message and if they sub anyways flag the sub for moderator checking.
  9. Thanks! Initially wanted to wait until I actually tested CPUcool as well, but since this thread is already here might as well start. I have a slightly different Board (X7DBR-3) (5000P instead of 5000X chipset as well as different layout) 1. On my board I vid-modded the NB, ran it all the way up to 1.7V with it cold, but no noticable benefit 2. tried 3 different sets of fb-dimm, one of which was known to do 500 MHz in another board with a different divider, all got pretty much the same results 3. I’ve so far only had time to try Setfsb, how much further did CPUcool get you? With Setfsb I was getting a wall around ~436 fsb 4-6 nothing to report.. yet Same here, once I get back home I’ll try cpu cool and try to figure out some voltmods for all the relevant rails.
  10. Crazy score, great work! Did you try Single sided memory if it makes a difference? How far could you get without CPUz open?
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