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  1. Uncore and RAM are clocked surprisingly low tbh...
  2. No weird shenanigans there, had messaged Rich a while back about the issue but didn't get a response If I reply directly on a Result I always show up as Rusty JS. No idea whats going on with your Black Edition board, but if you solve it I'll gladly take that information, I have similar issues with a DFI x58 Board I picked up a while back Which PCIe clock are you booting at? Have you tried using Setfsb? Did you play with clock skews? Though 255 under LN2 isn't an unrealistic max usable BCLK even for a 32nm CPU, its about average for batches from '10 (I had much more luck with '11 batches averaging ~250 on air)
  3. Yeah, that should be it, you aren't the first one to run into it. CPU is actually running the higher frequency, its just CPU-z freaking out. I think @TAGG did some testing on that. Can't your board boot higher BCLK/can you try controlling the multi from within Windows? Booting up to 260 BCLK should be doable on most boards (if not limited by the CPU off course)
  4. Is there a chance you are booting with the 22x multi and adjusting BCLK once booted up? The score seems higher then expected for the clocks, but it would be realistic with the 22x multi. I ran into the same issue while benching my E5649, pretty sure its a bug with CPU-z.
  5. All my binning data is here (needs to be cleaned up, haven't updated the starting post in a while), but in short the following things appear relevant (as far as I can tell): 1 - max BCLK the CPU can handle 2 - max PCIe clock the board can handle 3 - max PCIe clock the board can boot 4 - max BCLK the board can handle 5 - max BCLK the board can boot 6 - temperature 7 - "baseline" BCLK of the board. Requires a CPU tested with as many different boards as possible. Tested at ambient lacking cold for some boards. In these cases I had these: x58a-oc: 1 - >=287 (unknown) 2 - 138 3 - 132 4 - >=287 (unknown) 5 - >=286 (unknown) 6 - dice temps with MX2, currently don't have a probe, guess -60°C? 7 - 266 (98.6%) Rampage II Extreme: 1 - >280 (ran 283 before the x58a-oc got wet) 2 - 138 3 - 118 (this is what I expect to be the limiting factor here, together with #6) 4 - >=285 (E5606 did this much, but the valids failed sadly) 5 - 261 6 - dice temps with MX2, currently don't have a probe, guess -60°C? 7 - 269.65 (100%) (main reason I was hopeful in this board, sadly failed me) EX58-UD4H: 1 - >280 2 - 125 3 - 126 4 - <286 5 - <286 6 - ambient ~20°C 7 - 267.3 (99.1%) Best 5 CPUs on "baseline board" Rampage II at ambient: E5606 - 273.6 E5640 - 273 E5649 - 269.65 E5640 - 265 E5606 - 264
  6. Pretty sure @Jokot has a better one, might send him one of the CPUs I ran the next couple weeks to do more testing. The x58a-oc I have on hand currently is a little worse at ambient, but can boot significantly higher PCIe clocks as well as more BCLK. I suspect thats the only reason it got further then the Rampage II here. Not sure when I'll get around more testing. Need more boards to compare Other scores from that session: E5640 - 863 cb (R15); highest quad core score on the platform. Limited by time, CPU wasn't maxed out sadly E5640 - 5836.16 MHz - limited by board and CPU not playing well if upping BCLK in OS. x58a-oc got wet before I could go for a max frequency run there. E5649 - 1251 cb (R15); highest non-LN2'ed six core score on the platform. Limited by the board and CPU-z bugging out. CPU does 280 BCLK on Dice, so with the right board more is certainly possible. x58a-oc - 287.22 MHz - CPU, me or board limited, not quite sure. I suspect the board because it handled far worse at ambient the the Rampage II (~2% worse). Gonna pick up more boards to confirm. Just as the last one I ran this one can't run the E5606, my best CPU for maxing BCLK Also spent about 2 hours getting my good w3520 to run properly, but it only caused troubles. Gonna need to try that one again.
  7. ground1556

    100+ sticks of Micron D9GMH

    Free push as I bought #33 and #34
  8. Did you try Setfsb? Not sure about the UD9, but on the x58a-oc the ICS9LPRS918BKL is used, a very common clock gen for the gen. If that's not the right one check the others right around there, don't think I've had an x58 board that wasn't ICS9LPRS91****(*).
  9. Nice one! Why is it not in the rankings though? http://hwbot.org/submission/3953541_radi_cinebench___r15_core_i7_extreme_990x_1364_cb
  10. Booting at 265 BCLK/122MHz PCIe is possible; board maxes out at 125MHz PCIe (which should be enough for about 278 BCLK on 32nm) and this CPU seems to do a little better on other boards(269.65 on Rampage II Extreme, 268 on the x58a-oc). Had the same troubles on my x58a-oc (though that one managed a little bit more), so maybe I just can't gigabyte on x58 :P Dice on Friday/Saturday, lets hope everything works out well, but I'm probably not gonna bother with this board given the other two boards I have here :D
  11. ground1556

    [FS-EU] 9800 GT DDR2

    Added EX58-UD3R capable of at least 267 BCLK. http://hwbot.org/submission/3952595_ground1556_reference_frequency_ga_ex58_ud3r_266.07_mhz http://valid.x86.fr/5ttjq7 Selling elsewhere. PM me for details.
  12. ground1556

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    yeah like the all so amazing 9800 GT DDR2 (its actually worse then the 9600 GT)... Btw, any idea where the other Germans are organizing these? Barely know anyone in the German OC Community...