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  1. 3:5 is a broken divider, 2:3 real, so 645*3/2 = 967 real which is still quite nice of course. Lots of 775 scores with misleading memory frequency, but some boards just run best at this divider so can't do much about it either way. This also means that every couple months someone has to sift through the DDR2 frequency rankings to check if any subs were made with the broken divider. Great chip you have there!
  2. @flanker I was testing both BIOS versions on P5E Deluxe a while back and Maximus Formula topped out around ~520 with Wolfdale (E8400) while Rampage Formula BIOS did ~610 with everything else exactly the same (or as similar as possible).
  3. https://www.ebay.de/itm/DDR2-DDR3-Desktop-RAM-Testkartenadapter-Speichertester-Analyzer-W-LED-Anzeige/163700848617? These are quite useful for debugging memory slots.
  4. the IC is only noted in very few DDR3 kits. Beyond that, 8GB sticks aren't gonna be Rev D anyways since its a 2Gbit ic, so largest sticks containing it (not counting registered memory) are 4GB sticks, like 2666c10 dominators, 2600c10 gskill tridents, 2400c9 tridents and similar.
  5. yeah, who dares covering part of the window? thats just wrong...
  6. I'm intrigued and slightly terrified.
  7. I've never tested actual current draw, but I recon a 2-3 phase setup could be useful for smaller GPUs, maybe x48 chipsets and x58 VTT rail (never actually checked current draw of that rail, need to test at some point). There are probably more usecases that I can't think off right away.
  8. I’ve used GD900 on ambient and W3520 even on LN2 no problem, even for fullpot. Not quite an alternative but klx but still decent stuff. My preffered paste for ambient testing and emergency testing for ln2 or dice.
  9. currently have 3 dead/damaged rex here. #1 - dead vcore fujitsu + some conductive thermal paste near NB shorting the nb vrm. Board appears to be working fine again. #2 - dead vcore fujitsu, vcore shorted to 12V. Found dead mosfet, replaced it + driver + controller, it blew straight up again. with lab psu it goes beyond memory training during post, so I assume with proper epower it should work properly. #3 - dead vcore fujitsu, vcore not turning on. lots of corrosion. With controller removed + epower it doesn’t attempt going beyond 00. other unnecessary chips have been removed. tried powering SB with lab psu to check current draw, it only draws 15mA at 1.05V which seems very little. Suspicion is dead SB but beyond that no idea. resistances appear normal on all 3 boards after faulty parts have been removed/fixed. Board #2
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